Are Wii Screwed?

Gamers sit up and take notice! Do you, as a gamer, want your mom or grandpa to be an audience for game developers? Do you even want to see geriatrics flailing their flabby arms around or doing mock yoga in front of the television? The answer better be no, unless of course you are looking forward to this possible hellish future of console gaming. The runaway success of the Wii is endangering gaming by trying to impart upon it the one thing that has made it ours for so long, mainstream success with non-gaming audiences. Thanks to Nintendo's powerhouse console, which has consistently topped the sales chart since release, the Wii is in danger of making gaming mainstream and accessible to any and all asshats that would sit down with a controller and believe themselves to be "with it."

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katanalpha3421d ago

This article makes me sad. I hate the way gaming is going right now…

TruthbeTold3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

"They're letting anyone into our little club now! This is B.S.!!!"

Well guess what? The only reason you, or I or anyone else is in this "Club" is because anyone has been "allowed" in. I hate some of the crap on the Wii and that year stretch of only a few good Wii games as much as anyone. But if only us existent gamers buy games and dictate how things will go, the industry will become stagnant, overly expensive, and niche beyond what anything besides death and revamp resurrection could cure. We've still got our Killzone's, Halo's, Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy's, and God of War's. No need to hate or despair because mom, dad, or the grandparents are playing too. That's ridiculous.