3 Reasons Why Sony 'Won' E3 2009

Badassgamer "Firstly I'd like to stress that although I don't really see E3 as a competition, you'd be foolish to think there isn't some sort of underlying competitive spirit involved between the big 3, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo..."

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bmatthews3877d ago

agree, games are what is important and Sony had the games.

chaosatom3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

By that time, I will have God of War 3, Uncharted 2, GT5, and FF13.

Games matter most these days. Especially exclusive first-party games!

BTW Guys: Check out PSN for E3 Trailers and conferences in HD!!! It's Worth it. I started believing in FF13 again after I saw the trailer in HD.

PS360DS3877d ago

I can't find these E3 videos on the UK store, am I doing something wrong, someone please help, were do I go to download these TRUE HD vids, thanks.

chaosatom3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

In the UK store, there should be one in the New Releases a E3 2009 folder. Although, it might be US specific since E3 is a US event. Doesn't take long to make a account, and it's perfectly safe.

edgeofblade3877d ago

Great... more engineering the criteria. If Sony has done nothing but trotted out new features for the console, the Sony faithful would claim "features are the thing".

I would think of Sony and MS as roughly equal. They both beat Nintendo to a bloody pulp, and that's all we gamers should care about right now.

iamtehpwn3877d ago

What about Cheap Cameras and lame AI?
That's what really is gonna push the gaming world further---

---toward hell.

Why o why3877d ago

but sony has always shown games...exclusive ones at that, every year. The reason people feel MS is up there is because of their megaton annoucements (depending on your stance) multiplat announcements dont cut the mustard for me but it was good to see alan wake, splinter cell and stuff its just that sony had more showable games and more projects with no release dates INCLUDING the multiplats

Parapraxis3877d ago

chaosatom, Sony said the motion controllers will be releasing in spring 2010.

solidt123877d ago

I agree for all the reasons badassgamer mentioned. So what 360 has twitter and facebook, so does the PS3, and they have Myspace. Did everyone forget that the PS3 has a web browser. I wish Jack Tretton would of mentioned this at the conference and shot them down on that announcement but I guess it's not worth advertising those sites if they are not in any agreements with them, but hey anything on the web is available with a PS3.

Syronicus3877d ago

But I have to ask, is there anybody here that can post up reasons why they would say MS won over Sony? I have seen many PS3 fans post up reasons why they thought Sony won and support their opinion with games, tech, and surprise announcements but would like to hear some specifics as to why some of these Xbox fans argue that MS won.

Honest question here so please don't flame me.

Blaze9293877d ago


/sarcasm -_-

Rainstorm813877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

So E3 isnt about games???

Would you rather have features than games??

Every person at E3 was gushing over Natal yet they all said Sony had the best lineup of software.

Best software = E3 Dominance

Thats the way ive seen it since ive been paying attention to E3.

Edit @ 1.9
you wont get a reasonable answer, 360 fanboys dont even believe in games anymore.

evrfighter3877d ago

again JOY's exposed this guy as nothing more than an SDF zealot already. He's actually getting to be more annoying than HHG.

ShadowRyuX3877d ago

Actually, I would be pissed if say for E3 2010 Sony announced only features for the PS3, because I play games not features! However, if they were really epic features that changed the way we looked at life then maybe I'd start singing praises, but games>>>features.

FamilyGuy3877d ago

Published 1 hour ago, the first comment 1 hour ago yet in 1 hour there have already 70 comments?

It's a small article and an opinion at most. I and many others have MORE reasons why we thought Sony won so what's so interesting here?

edgeofblade3877d ago

Sure... PS3 "has" facebook and twitter if you really want to fiddle with the awkward browser. Which I don't. Now, if Sony commissioned actual applications for these services, you might have something to talk about.

But either way, both consoles would need their respective keyboard addons to be viable on those services.

eagle213877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

So much potentially award winning (GOTY contending) software was announced and shown. I freakin' love Playstation and 35 million consumers bought their products in 2008. That says so much about their brand, and 2009 will be even higher with PSP Go!. I'm getting a PSP Go! day one with Gran Turismo. They won cause the quality was through the roof. :)

FamilyGuy3877d ago

I mean, WHAT?

The PS3s web browser is as convenient as they come, navigation wise. It has these wonderful little instant-linking things called "book marks" maybe you've heard of them?

For goodness sake you can download all supported media DIRECTLY to your PS3 while surfing the web.
What difficulty do you have "fiddling with an awkward browser"?

Aquanox3877d ago

This is Microsoft's next 10 Months Lineup vs. Sony's next 18 months lineup.

Microsoft barely ever announce or show games too early whereas Sony keeps "Reanouncing" the same titles in every major Conference. This must be GT5 3rd E3? And it has chances to be present in next E3 as well if the thing doesn't get released any earlier.

God of War also comes in March 2010, which makes a strong title but still a bit too far away. Heavy Rain was nowhere to be found, let alone a precise release date.

Microsoft hasn't only shown impressive new technology with Natal but also strong titles for THIS year where Splinter Cell, Forza 3, Halo ODST and Left 4 Dead 2 will see the light in the next 6 months, that without mentioning Crackdown 2, Final Fantasy and Alan Wake for the next as well as the last major 3rd party franchise absent on the console, MGS, which was announced for the Xbox 360 too. "Sneak In".

By the time 2010 arrives the boys around will probably start all over again with "The year of PS3" nonsense... forgetting that Microsoft might have the ultimate lineup next year with Mass Effect 2, Lost Planet 2, Alan Wake and Gears of War 3 (almost a given) coming out and that's without mentioning the games they will surely announce for the same year at E3 which could involve the royal return of the recently restructured RARE.

All in all, Sony has had an incredible lineup for the last 4 years, but it happens that it's spread on too many years. Microsoft on the other hand, is releasing top notch titles EVERY year, which is the main difference between both consoles.

GiantEnemyCrab3877d ago

MS had a nicely rounded conference.

Games, features and new tech.

Sony didn't announce any new PSN features and barely mentioned their online network at all except to talk about how much content has been sold.

Their motion controller you gotta know is being looked at as a Wiimote knockoff. You can't avoid it with Nintendo having such a foothold in the market and then suddenly Sony wants you to waggle as well. I'm glad MS didn't walk out on stage with a waggle wand Wiimote wannabe.

Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 were Sony's strong news for me. With one of those not even coming out in 2009. So this year I will be buying Uncharted 2 while on the 360 I am buying Splinter Cell, Halo:ODST, Shadow Complex and maybe L4D2 but I'm still debating.

So the games seem fairly comparable for me.

PS3 FanBaby3877d ago

'Won' was obviously sarcastic; that's why he put it in quotes.

DaTruth3877d ago

Wow, Sony released 3 exclusives already this year and has some more for later, but MS has no exclusives for 12 months and release a couple of games late in the year and it's, "360 has teh games coming thiz year!"

Here's a heads up; Late November is practically next year!

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HeavyInfamous3877d ago

Well, I was more interested in what Sony showed, so I guess I think they 'won'


PS360DS3877d ago

Uncharted 2, that game was tight! looked like a CGI movie


ultimolu3877d ago

OMG, Uncharted 2 is amazing. The demo was awesome. :o

Jazz41083877d ago

Lets try some logic. If you say something positive about Sony even if its false you get tons of agrees, say something negative even if its true and guess what happens. This is Sony haven, I love the fact you feel it necessary to even comment on this site when you all agree. I think this site is about padding one another's ego's because its sure not about equality and truthfullness to all systems. So talk among yourselves and pad up your bubbles. Later

xabmol3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

#1 GoW3

#2 Uncharted 2

#3 The Last Guardian (TRICO)


OK, I guess those are just my top 3 reasons. lol

Good points in the article though.

iHEARTboobs3877d ago

Sony did well, but they did lack some of the surprise factor due to all the leaks. But based on content alone they did really well. MS had a great show also. I'm glad i have both systems, there's a lot of games i'll be purchasing this year and next.

Simon_Brezhnev3877d ago

common sense :) everybody should know sony won

Montreafart3877d ago

3 reasons why Sony CRUSHED the competitors:

- GAMES; unrivalled content and game line up. Sony has so many games that they cant even show half the stuff.
- MEGATON announcements; to shock the world, megaton announcements must be there.
- INNOVATION; since the launch of the PS3, Sony has brought us LBP, HOME, modnationracers, PSN network and content without limits. This E3, Sony continues to innovate with their motion sensing project.

E3 crown belongs to Sony.

da720izcumin3877d ago

I'll give you three reasons why they didn't win:

1) only have one game this holiday season: uncharted 2 (good game):)
2) introduced a motion control that couldn't even hit a tennis ball with a pan
3) ps3 was not the face of sony this was the psp go!...and since nobody argues about mobile gaming....

ur point is irrelevant...