World Exclusive: The First Ten Minutes of Ghostbusters

The title says it all. PlayStationPure gives you the first 10 minutes of Ghostbusters. Who ya gonna call?

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xabmol3884d ago

I know what game I'm buying this month! =]

Chapulin3883d ago

Reminds me so much of the cartoon also. Any goodies when u reserve it?

oneDMAC3883d ago

I think you get a T-shirt at Gamestop for pre ordering

boodybandit3883d ago

It looks like it's going to be a blast to play and all the original cast members are voice acting for this title. That is like being in the movie yourself only you're playing a game. I didn't even think I would rent this game and now I am considering picking it up.

AKNAA3883d ago

I'm surprised. It seems much more interesting than I thought, plus the graphics aren't bad either.

irish-leprecaun3883d ago

when does it come out for xbox??

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grantps33884d ago

that actualy looks realy good.

it will most likely be one of the best movie to game adaptations, but i dont think ill buy it till it gets less expensive

sirbigam3883d ago

Lol at yu getting disagree, can't change the fact $60+tax is still alot too swallow, which is why I pre-order I can pay little by little lol.

tatical3883d ago

I'm definitely buying this game, but I'm going to wait for a sale or something. Buying Street Fighter IV for $60, and seeing it for $37 at Target a week ago was a bit hard to swallow.

sirbigam3883d ago

Wow the acting and the story are done very well so far, looks like I'm watching a movie and playing a game nice.

UltimateIdiot9113883d ago

Agree, I'm loving what I'm seeing. I'm so glad this game got saved. I was worried when Activision dropped it.

Perkel3883d ago

holy sh*t it looks and plays good ! Cut scenes are amazing with same ghostbusters feel.

i state 9/10 :)

Nelson M3883d ago

Who you Gonna Call
Bot Busters !!
Bot Bustin make me Feel Good

Simon_Brezhnev3883d ago

lol bubbles for making me laugh

Kain813883d ago

dont take it too serious Dudes

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The story is too old to be commented.