Tilt sensitive tiltBoard module going big for Xbox 360

"Although the Wiimote (and the SIXAXIS, under certain conditions) already enjoy the luxuries that tilting can bring, it looks like those sticking with Microsoft's console will now be able to get in on fun as well. Thanks to a partnership with "specialist peripheral makers" Talismoon, the highly-regarded tiltBoard is reportedly getting an commercial makeover as it readies itself for "mass production." Details are admittedly scant right now, but the forthcoming product -- "which will bring tilt sensitivity for the Xbox 360 to the masses" -- is said to be "worth the wait" from its presumably jovial creator..."

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God of Gaming4271d ago

Not one friend of mine who owns a PS3 talks about how great it is to use the tilt function. They often search for the fastest way to turn it off in a game. I want MS to keep with the non tilt controller.

Vfor54271d ago

Please microsoft, don't copy Sony on this one.

Mike4271d ago

Perhaps it would be good sometimes

fenderputty4271d ago

I actually like it on the PS3. It adds to the occasional game when used well. I even like it while playing motorstorm. IT seems like it would work well with flying games too.

Why would you not want something that adds functionality to your console? I personally don't like rumble all that much, but when Sony gets it back I'll still be happy for that occasional game and the console in general.

This only makes the 360 stronger at the price of a controller. Much better then 180$.

mandrake4271d ago

At worst, it takes another bullet point away from the competition. At best, it could actually be fun.

troylazlow4271d ago

I love it. I have a feeling it could be amazingly fun in some games and a pain in the ass for others, looking forward to it! It would be a nice option.

Torch4271d ago

but what game is that? Burnout???

Great sense of speed.

OK. Back to the original topic now.

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The story is too old to be commented.