Impressions: Mini Ninjas (TGH)

TGH writes:
"Mini Ninjas, developed by Eidos Interactive, is game developed with kids in mind. Speaking with one of the creators of the game, he points out the motivating factor for this game was the birth of his, and his colleagues, kids. Seems that the majority of the staff were having kids around the same time and wanted to make a game that they could play with their kids. The game though geared towards a younger age is actually deep enough to be enjoyed by adults.

That adult appeal comes from exploration, the super move combats mechanics, and achievements. The main object of the game is to save the forest animals from an evil Ninjitsu Master. Mini Ninjas fits into the Action Game genre but also borrows from RPGs as well take its inventory system into consideration. There are rare flowers that you can collect, combine, and finally create more items from hidden..."

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xabmol3883d ago

I'm actually kinda looking forward to playing this game. =]

May only be a rental though. Recently my wallet has been on life support.