Gamezebo: Sherlock Holmes - The Secret of the Silver Earring Review

Sherlock Holmes and The Silver Earring from Frogwares was first released on CD in 2004 and is now available as a download. It's a point and click adventure with dozens of characters and clues. The mystery is excellent, but gameplay is ugly, with large rooms, tiny clues, and insufficient tutorials. Adventure lovers who like feeling they've worked really hard to solve a mystery will be satisfied, but many players will find the game frustrating when compared to more smoothly-designed competitors.

Holmes and Watson have been called in for a little undercover sleuthing in preparation for an Important Birthday Party. But while doing a background check on one of the entertainers, they witness a murder and "The game's afoot!" Graphics are fine, if not impressive, and the voice acting is mostly very good. You can wander anywhere you want in most locations, and the story is complex and interesting.

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