Gamezebo: Pet Playground Review

Pet Playground is a time management game that has you caring for the magical pets of Fairy Woods. It's sort of like Daycare Nightmare meets Pokemon, with neat elemental attributes, yet awkward controls and inflexible, unclear rules. Well, at least the pets are cute.

The story is light. Once upon a time in Wonderia, there lived two young fairy sisters named Elle and Eugene (nicknamed Gin) who ran a pet shop called Luna's Aids in Fairy Woods. One day, Elle goes into town and finds that all of the pets are being terribly neglected by their fairy owners. These poor pets are all traumatized, and hovering in corners, fearful and crying. Apparently, most fairies are workaholics who are out of the house for ridiculous periods of time, but we can't get mad at them because they're really busy working. Elle is outraged, and rather than call PETA, she decides to use her storage room to open a pet daycare.

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