Gamedaily Hands-On: Joker Challenge Maps in Arkham Asylum

Gamedaily writes: "Batman: Arkham Asylum debuts on the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 later this summer, but only PS3 owners will have the ability to play eight Challenge Maps as the Joker. These maps are unlocked throughout the core campaign mode of Arkham Asylum and require the player to make use of stealth and combat to defeat multiple rounds of baddies."

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UltimateIdiot9113516d ago

Judging from the E3 Joker trailer on PSN, playing as the Joker looks fun.

OhReginald3516d ago

"An Eidos representative neither confirmed nor denied that the download would later come to the Xbox 360 or PC. "

THEY DENIED IT A MILLION TIMES!!!!!What part of EXCLUSIVE dont you guys understand!!!?? God gameFAILy are a bunch of tards.