Gamedaily Preview: EyePet Poops on Nintendogs

Gamedaily writes: "Millions purchased Nintendogs, but let's face it, Nintendo failed to release a sequel with improved technology. Thankfully, Sony's stepping up to the plate with EyePet, an impressive game that delivers a furry friend to your living room. Just don't mistake it for one of the lame pet games littering store shelves. If the game's makers pull this off, they'll forever change the way we interact with the virtual world."

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DTClown3882d ago

Wow, so amazing! The 360 and Natal are changing gaming forever right before our eyes! Isn't Microsoft the greatest inovators of ALL time!!!!

What? Huh? This isn't Natal???? But.... this tech is out NOW? Has been for TWO YEARS with many games to be bought and played using this tech?! You mean I can already wave my arms around to control on screen actions, navigate menu systems, and image recognition/scanning of my pictures into a game to use as an asset? grrrrrr......humph....

PlayStation 3 sucks and so does this! I never did like this crap anyways! What a waste of coding.

The above comments are a look into MANY 360 fanboy's inner thoughts! ;)

My kids and I can't wait for EyePet! Day 1 purchase!

raztad3882d ago

You should buy another PS3. Probably your kids will get addicted to their new pet :D. Cute little thing.