New and Upcoming RTS's

Premium RTS's coming to a relatively empty genre on the App Store.

A genre born on the PC, the RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre offers some of the best known video games ever, such as Starcraft, Warcraft, Command & Conquer, Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, etc. The appeal of this genre comes from massive replayability, a different experience every time, online multiplayer, custom games, etc. Currently, there are few on the App Store, the most noteworthy being Warfare Incoporated, developed by Spiffcode, Inc. The most current version of Warfare Inc. offers 22 unit and structure types, 2 alien landscapes, 20 story missions, and over 200 downloadable add-on missions, created and published by players through a PC mission editor. Multiplayer is also coming soon in a future update.

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