appVersity: Crime Spree Review

appVersity writes: "First off, if you've never played a Rally-X game here's the rundown. You are driving a car around a map that has several different twists and streets trying to pick up flags that are randomly placed around the grid. You're being hunted down by other cars that have one way of stopping you - crashing into you. You have a smoke screen that can throw them off for a while, but really the only thing you can do is keep driving and avoid the bad guys.

Crime Spree is basically the same game with a few updates. The flags have been replaced by bags of money - it seems you've been hired by the mob to pick up some money that they left lying around. The other cars are now police cars (nice touch), and the smoke screen is now an oil slick. Oh, and the bland track that was Rally-X is now a much more fully realized neighborhood."

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