Aaron Greenberg - Project Natal Works In The Dark

Part 2 of Gamertag Radio's exclusive video interview with Aaron Greenberg from Microsoft. Today he talks about Project Natal and how this camera also works in the dark.

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KionicWarlord2223881d ago

kudos for Aaron green burg .

Anon19743881d ago

That would be handy. I use a HD projector for my gaming so the room has to be more or less as dark as I can make it. I was worried about if this would work in low light conditions.

Now let's see how they put it to use in actual gaming. That's what it all boils down to.

ShabzS3881d ago

didnt they say this already ... it runs on infra red or something

MazzingerZ3881d ago

the only problem is that it costs 200 USD LOL

Why dis3881d ago

He has look on his face like back the Fck off with the abnormal pessimistic criticism, I'm not just talking about Natal but 360 being maxed out, 360 has nothing and the fanboys in general.

iamtehpwn3881d ago

Lies and Secrecy work best in the dark.
Just ask my girlfriend.

Kushan3881d ago

"the only problem is that it costs 200 USD LOL[citation needed]"

Fixed that for you.

TomVanDamm3881d ago

It has to work in the dark, what better way to hide the M$ employee controlling the alleged AI character.

360FTW23881d ago

Somebody call the Whaaaaaaaambulance!

uie4rhig3881d ago

i wud guess they're using something like a night vision filter.. either way, would defo be cool if it worked 100% in the dark!
i wonder tho how much of Milo is true coz every one of MS people is like "omgs!!! it works" but well, it has been proven that it's not 100% real, most likely all of it is acted! either way, props to peter molyneux's team if they get it to work 100% like in the final build!


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Senden3881d ago

Even as an xbox fan but seriously, who gives a flying f**k? I'm really starting to see where the hatred towards xbox comes from... they really need to get some better PR people.

green3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

huh! what did he say that was so offensive?

[email protected] Why o why: Honestly i think you guys invest too much time in the gaming industry that you guys don't realize that what all these guys say about one another is standard industry practice.

"Porsche accused the Japanese auto maker of perpetrating fraud by using non-standard, semi-slick tires when it was unable to come close to Nissan's lap time"

"in a statement that cheekily recommended following proper break-in procedures and offered to give all prospective GT-R owners as well as auto manufacturers GT-R driving lessons." I actually have the magazine where Nissans CEO said that they are willing to give Porsche drivers driving lessons so that they can achieve those lap[times in their GTR.Has Aaron Greenburg said anything that terrible?

Now guess what, Car enthusiast just laugh over the whole drams and are waiting to see the real victor.WHy can't so called gamers be like that?Don't even pretend to say you would have hated him as much if he worked for Sony.Afterall sony fanboy's love Ken Kutaragi and Aaron Greenburg does not hold a candle to Ken when it comes to talking sh*t.

Why o why3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

its wrong to judge people on their faces but i think its his face he doesnt like plus the fact that he more often than not has the competitions name in his mouth a lot. We know his job is to 'big up' but he doesnt need to 'put down' as much as he does. Can you believe this guy said the ps3 sales were hemorrhaging..Anyway its fine that he's selling a product...ive no issue with that at all just the other stuff that people used to label sony 'arrogant' for yet turn a blind eye when he's the offender.

Ill just take his speak for what it is....speak...nothing offensive. Ill judge natal when its released.

Milky Joe3881d ago

Standard or not, it doesn't mean you have to like the guy. It's standard practice in warfare to kill other people, doesn't mean you have to like it.

Anyway, on topic, the fact that it works in the dark really isn't that impressive. It's just using IR. Who plays in the dark anyway? It's bad for your eyes.

edgeofblade3881d ago

"who gives a flying f**k"

Well, people who tried to use eyetoy in anything other than a perfectly lit soundstage... that's who.

Anyone who claims Natal is nothing more than a copycat eyetoy has no clue what they are talking about. Eyetoy is a USB camera and a microphone... and nothing more. The software analyzes movement on a 2d image sent from the camera and filters out everything else it deems to have not moved. Then, it passes the coordinates of movement in a 2 dimensional array for processing.

Natal, from what I ascertain, detects movement not from ambient light but by scanning the space in front of the camera using the infrared light it emits itself. That's significant. This allows it to calculate the rough geometry of a person's body or anything else in front of the camera. This means, Natal works no matter how the room is lit... unlike eyetoy, which is notoriously finicky.

Let me put that in laymans terms. Eyetoy = 2D camera. Natal = 3D camera. There is nothing Eyetoy could do to become a 3D camera. It will not work, and no amount of faith in Sony will make the impossible possible.

Why o why3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

you said

Why o why: Honestly i think you guys invest too much time in the gaming industry that you guys don't realize that what all these guys say about one another is standard industry practice

but i already said

Anyway its fine that he's selling a product...ive no issue with that at all just the other stuff that people used to label sony 'arrogant' for yet turn a blind eye when he's the offender.

Ill just take his speak for what it is....speak...nothing offensive. Ill judge natal when its released.

Ill add that just because others do it doesnt make it right. Thats not the way to live or a good impression to set by any org. I dont like it if sony nintendo nike porche mcvities rolex do it. It just lacks class BUT again, ive no issue with what he's said here but his name is tainted because of his flappy arrogant mouth. Good luck if the camera can see in the dark.....thats really not the issue i first see when i see the camera.... Its almost like saying this car can reach 220mph but we cant find the wheels to fit it. The tech is ambitious but definitely not pioneering. What will be the acid test is its application. Can you actually play games on this apart from the casual ones?? How much will it cost?? How long will it take before its in our hands??. nightvision is really not that high up on my questions list.

About ken....Even though he has been at the top, you know actually WON a console war, been a champ (IF there needs to be 1 winner) he is/was still arrogant...I dont like it. Stop flipping it into a sony MS thing because i feel u can be above that. It doesnt matter who's done what first arrogance is arrogance and saying ken said x amount of BS and saying nothing like that about AG is very hypocritical, why one rule for one and another for somebody else


eyetoy is the old one...its the pseye now, know...for this gens ps

Milky Joe3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

EdgeofBlade, are you talking about the PS2 Eyetoy? Because, yeah, that was a bit pants. But then you'd expect that from last gen tech. And yeah, the PS Eye doesn't do 3D, but the Motion Controllers do.

EDIT: Hmm, seems someone disagrees that the PS2 Eye Toy wasn't all that great. We have a PS2 fanboy in the house. XD

Cenobia3881d ago

The PS3 motion controller showed someone controlling objects in 3D space. Also the sword shield thing seemed 3D. He was pointing the sword with surprising accuracy.

I'm not saying your wrong or anything, I'm just saying a lot of the power behind something like this comes from the software. Sony is still using the eyetoy to manipulate things in 3D space despite it being a 2D camera. Also I assume the lights on the PS3 motion controller cure the eyetoy darkness issue.

Anyway, I'm just a Natal pessimist I guess. I don't really see a whole lot of 'hardcore' gaming applications. The little ad they showed totally made me hate it. Nobody wants to drive a car without a steering wheel, and having someone else change the tire in that mini game made me throw up in my mouth a little. The menu applications and voice commands were cool, but I'll have to see a game use it to get my head around it I guess.

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xabmol3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Just to LOL xD

Pennywise3881d ago

Did he say: "It's definitely never been done before"??? Talking about controller free gaming?

Its one thing to be oblivious to the rest of the gaming world. Its another thing to be so ignorant as one of the heads of MS PR to not acknowledge that Sony did this on the PS2 and they are just expanding on it. Grrenturd FTL.

ShabzS3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

i think when he says controller free gaming he means it... for eg.. turn the console on ... stand in front of ur console get signed in after natal recognises u ... select the game/ option from nxe (minority report style) ... start the game ... and start play... all done without using a controller ... when he means controller free gaming it REALLY is controller free

rawd3881d ago

OMG huge news from Turdman

Godmars2903881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Wonder how many accidents thats going to cause :p

Seriously though, they haven't given a release date for it, yet I understand they've already sent out kits just like Sony has?

Kushan3881d ago

If they've JUST sent out kits, chances are any games that are really going to make use of it are only in the planning stages. Right now, all the top devs are probably playing with it to see what it can do and how they could incorporate it into their games.

Cenobia3881d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. If people break TV's with a wiimote what will happen with multiple people flailing themselves around a room?

Two player 'Ricochet' just conjures images of people colliding into each other and accidentally slapping each other in the face.

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