E3: Winner of E3? Surprisingly, Nintendo

Microsoft Corp.'s Project Natal dazzled media briefing attendees. Sony Corp.'s Playstation Motion Controller and franchise titles wowed fans. But Nintendo Co., with a conservative media briefing, ultimately won over the Electronic Entertainment Expo audience with a mix of core and casual titles that will translate better to the video game economy than either rivals' lineup.

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xabmol3877d ago

I'd say they won too.

After watching their E3 conference I was like, "Damn! They are gonna make a sh*tload of money!"

GCNSeanFoster3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I want the stuff these people were smoking when they thought Nintendo "won" E3 2009. Did the White Rhino shows itself? And no I am not a fanboy. I dig all three systems and I own all three systems.

All three companies had great showings but Nintendo by far had the most boring show. Microsoft and Sony destroyed Nintendo's press conference.

Sure we had some good games shown but it lacked what their E3 2007 show had (composing Miyamoto, etc). I saw Nintendo's E3 shows the last 9 years and the last two years have been very bland. And I am sorry, a E3 show without Miyamoto is like a Nintendo system being released without ever having a Mario game on it.

I really miss Perrin Kaplan and George Harrison.

jammy_703877d ago

the GAMERS!!!! especially the 1s who have all the consoles...

BRG90003877d ago

This site focuses very heavily on video game industry and sales news, so it makes perfect sense for them to determine a "winner" based on which company they feel best showcased products to cater to all consumers, and which company best showed how it will continue to stimulate and grow the video game marketplace. No surprise here.

N4g_null3877d ago

Seriously no one won. The funny thing is IF MS or SONy did win then we will see it next month or better yet during the holiday season yet hold up! Their motion stuff doesn't come out till a new zelda is released. By that time we may have a red steel 3.

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ico923877d ago

nintendo had the worst of the 3 i mean 1st of all they showed all these casual games ok casual gamers don't watch e3 so the hardcore audience isnt gonna care they showed like 2 games on the wii and both are comming out in late 2010 ontop of that you had the boring cammie make an appearence

leyego3877d ago

most of sonys games got leaked b4 E3, FF14 was the only game that shocked me and since im a huge ff11 fan 2010 can't come soon enough

microsoft had multipalts all over the place. most of the games weren't that big of a deal either since i really hate FPS's.

nintendo had 2 mario games and a mertoid game. enough said. they win.

out of all the games announced theres only 4 games i really want to play out of the rest and those are mario wii, metroid m, ff14, and ff13.

MegaPowa3877d ago

Whats the big deal about casual games i mean whats so bad about them i had fun using wii fit and i still play left 4 dead on pc or tf2 true hardcore gamers would play any game and have fun because that's what game were made for.

Sarcasm3877d ago

"nintendo had 2 mario games and a mertoid game. enough said. they win."

Seriously... New Super Marios looks like a lot of fun, but it looks like a port from the DS version. And SMG2 looks like SMG1 with some new features.

And you call that Win?

As a gamer, I'm sad that Uncharted 2, The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 5, God of War III, Splinter Cell Conviction, Forza 3, Modern Warfare 2
isn't worthy to you.

leyego3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

never said they wernt worthy, im just voicing what i like.
as a gamer i can choose what i like and what i dislike right?

although they are great games doesn't mean i HAVE to like them.
people can have a specific preference if they so choose.
mine happen to be mario, FF, KH, and metroid.

if i buy a game i don't buy it because everyone says its a must buy, i buy it because i want to.

in my eyes nintendo stole it for me since i happen to like mario and metroid, sony got a very close 2nd thanks to ff14, and ms got last cuz nothing interested me in the slightest.

only on N4G where someone gets disagrees up the a$s for voicing his opinion.

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Syronicus3877d ago

I wish for once we would all agree that the only winners out of a show like this are the gamers.

GCNSeanFoster3877d ago

The gamers won E3 2009. Because no matter what system you own, there are some great titles coming late 2009 and 2010.

n4f3877d ago

i totally agree nobody won e3 its not a matter of who won or lose its just showing stuff.
and if they won wtf do they won?
id ratter say that im happy gamers are winners and fanboy are losers

N4g_null3877d ago

Syronicus I agree with you but wait a minute most gamers here at N4g are not console gamers any more they are PC gamers that do not want to buy a PC to play games, yet end up spend about the same ammount of cash on credit cards.

Gun_Senshi3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

fanboys stopped a real news come past pending. it failed after 10 min they spammed it with duplicate when its not. The news had this video

Kindly report news to mods maybe it makes it past as its already failed due to sony slave and why dis spamming duplicate when its clearly not

GiantEnemyCrab3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

haha still trying to get the sympathy vote.. bu bu bu Sony is my king! You must give him credit! Get a life dude and get ON TOPIC.

Stop comparing that joke of an EyeToy and PS3Eye to Natal. Nobody gives a crap about Sony's old tech and what do you want some type of certificate that says "Sony made it first". Man, you seriously have one chubby for Sony.. You go to sleep at night dreaming about them?

Gun_Senshi3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I'm a PC Fan not Sony fan, but I hate it when fanboys spout crap only and Proven wrong they report spam only.

What happened there is plan facism. I guess you support that then. I thought you are better then that.

GiantEnemyCrab3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Well one thing we can agree on is you = Anti-MS/Anti-360.

WTF is the whole point? Do you know the specifics of the tech down to every detail to be able to say it's not doing something different?

I really don't think you do. All you have is a bunch of video clips showing similar things BUT how they were accomplished or how much is real vs staged is unknown and cannot be guessed.

If you aren't a PS3 fanboy you %100 act like one.

Again, what is the point of this? Do you want an award? Do you want to see this fail? What is your motivation? Is it like an 4 year old who says "I MADE THIS!" and you have to sit there and say "ooooh good little boy you did soooo good.. I am sooooo proud of you!". Is that false sense of entitlement creeping it's way again?

While Sony basically introduces a Wiimote RIP OFF. It is a waggle wand.. Funny stuff.. MS copied EyeToy but noooo similarities between their motion controller and Nintendo. You are probably going to try and tell me Sony invented the Wiimote too.

Do you not see the absolute double standard hypocrisy?

@4.4: So your intentions are to get 360 fans to stop being excited and hyping up Natal? Ahh I see.. You've come to piss on peoples parade.. I'm done here.

Gun_Senshi3877d ago

My point is maybe MS Fans stop kissing up Natal as the best thing ever done.

Didn't they say Motion sensors suck and that Eyetoy and PLaystation suck too?

For me? MS can shove natal down their throat, Sony can shove their dildomote up their arse.

bjornbear3877d ago

Its just a video, and its just as valid as any Natal Pro-Article, and considering all the crap that gets approved, that should too.

Don't be so defensive, its just a peripheral. I'm not one of those who thinks Natal is the second coming, but I was impressed and found it to be an interesting advancement.

However, the video has a point, its all be done before, just not as acurately. Can't argue with that, the proof is there. =)

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TheColbertinator3877d ago

I agree with Punchjump and Wired that Nintendo won

tehReaper3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I didn't agree or disagree. Nintendo had a decent conference, but I'd rather have new ips instead of the constant Mario, Zelda, rinse, repeat, ohh look Metroid. Same goes with Microsoft(Halo, Gears, etc) and Sony(Ratchet, MGS, etc) but moreso with Nintendo. Don't get me wrong, I love those franchises, I just wish we had more original games. I know Nintendo can do it, they're just not.

I'm excited for Mario and Metroid but that's it. The Wii is losing steam and they need more games other than just Mario, Zelda, Pikman and Metroid. I'm not dissing the Wii, but Nintendo needs to wake up and they need to get serious. They know how to amaze people, they're just not doing it because of their current position. Yes they're still selling a lot, but how long will that last?

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