CVG : The Sims 3 review

Graham Smith from CVG writes:

"My wedding was a disaster, beginning when one of the guests died during the party. We weren't close, but witnessing his ghost prompted a recurring wish to see more. Soon I was wandering the catacombs beneath the graveyard, getting emotionally scarred by zombie bears and emerging, smeared with dirt, in only my underpants.

To make matters worse, I misunderstood the purpose of a 'Wedding Party'. It's not meant to celebrate the engagement, but to be the wedding itself. My guests left unhappy when no marriage took place, and both my fiancée and I felt guilty for missing our big day.
Make no mistake. That 'I' is me - a smaller, virtual but no less hairy me. The Sims 3, like the previous games, is all about controlling people."

Improved but basically the same, The Sims remains a joyful simulation, and celebration, of life and all its dramas.

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