Joytech Nitro Racing Wheel - Xbox360 Review

Cody from breaks down the racing wheel most 360 owners have heard little about.

"Have you been interested in having more fun with your racing games for your Xbox 360? Then you should think about adding the Nitro Racing Wheel from Joytech to your collection.

Well lets dig into the details shall we? First I want to start with the packaging. There's nothing more frustrating than opening a box to find a very expensive item in the box smashed to bits. Thankfully, I didn't experience this. The Nitro Racing Wheel comes sealed in plastic. Everything including the cables is wrapped in plastic and cardboard is placed around all the components to keep them secured. A good packaging job gives this a plus as it had no scratches or marks on it whatsoever."

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eques judicii4269d ago

i'd much rather pay 50 bucks more and get the microsoft wireless racing wheel...

FordGTGuy4269d ago

Logitech fanboys you might want to run!

HuntingYou4268d ago

WTF. are there actual LTFBs out there? I love wheels...they rock.

socomnick4269d ago

It has force feedback I haven't decided if I want spend that much money on the Microsoft wheel and forza 2

The Panther4269d ago

spend the money its the best racing wheel ever, ive had a few, because the games are programmed for it.

mishmosh4269d ago

The MS wheel is only $120 at Sams club. For $20 more, there is no question which wheel to get.

M4RK19884269d ago

I like the stick shift on this wheel, looks like the MS one doesn't have that? Pity it's to the right of the wheel though, why can't they do one for UK gamers.