Microsoft upset with Intel

Fudzilla: We used to call them WinTel, as Intel was one of the loudest supporters of Redmond's Windows operating systems, but since it came up with Atom and netbooks, Intel is trying to push for Linux. Intel calls it Moblin 2.0 and this OS is supposed to give you everything you should need to type and surf the web.

Once Intel starts pushing its own Linux in some sort of a bundle with Atom, 945GC chipset and its OS, this clearly spells losses for Microsoft and since the software giant is all about making money, they're not exactly avid supporters of Intel as they have been before.

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Demon55003423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Intel does not hold 80%, its more like 72%, And with the price of intel Cpu's going up, I think AMD will make a real killing over the next 12 months not every body can afford 1400$us for a Cpu, When you can get close with AMD, And there next cpu is said to be a quarter of intel prices and almost as good or as good, ether way with the world in a crunch the Aconamy will decide who will win the windows 7 pitch, I would think Microsoft will back AMD, this round as windows 7 will be a lot cheaper then vista when it first ship's but will all see how it pans out, AMD does have a Cpu Gpu combo with direct x 11 card going out soon so you could get a good system for the price of what intel want for there cpu and you could get a screen as well:)