Q&A: Trion World, Microsoft Execs Predict Digital Distribution Takeover

Gamasutra had a chace at a recent HP event to sit down and talk to Microsoft's Rich Wickham and Trion World's Lars Buttler who have been discussing the future of digital distribution. Buttler has been suggesting that "the real power" of the delivery mechanism is almost here.

Gamasutra caught up with Wickham, Director for Games For Windows at Microsoft, to ask him about digital distribution following the public roundtable, and this article is what he had to say.

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FordGTGuy4270d ago

when it hits everything will change for the media business.

sovietsoldier4270d ago

ya but also opens us up to user rights problems and hackers taking account info.

BIadestarX4270d ago

I guaranteed the industry will have more control than what they have today. It can't be worst than DVD. Heck I can burn dvd movies with a cheap dvd burner. So far no one has hack the marketplace.. trust me they are trying. While blu-ray and hd-dvd are already hacked!

BubblesDAVERAGE4270d ago

Am I the only one who wants to buy the game on disc...wat happens if ya hdd crashes they gonnna give it to ya for free

BIadestarX4270d ago

You see.. that's how much you know.
Every content piece you buy from the marketplace can be downloaded as many times as you want without playing. If you buy a game and your hard drive dies, you buy another drive, login using your account and you can downloaded for free anytime you want.
You should learn a little more about something before saying stuff you don't know.

Now answer this. If you have a disk and it gets scrashed.. as it happens many times. do you get a new one? The interesting is that hard drives in many cases last a lot more than a disk. You never ruin a disk?

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4270d ago

I sure hope their wrong! I like my media, physical.

neogeo4270d ago

We are leaning towards an era were we can do everything at home. I remember the good ol days when I enjoyed going to the video store, not only to get a flick but also to check out the girls rear ends, and maybe to man up a bit and try to shoot a cheesy pick up line, while standing in the chick flick section pretending to be interested. At the counter I like to talk with my buds there about the game I'm renting and how they liked it. So I say NO! I will not sit at home and rot away I will go out and have some contact with other human beings!