Sony PSP test kit prices fall to $1000

Sony has made further commitments to dramatically lower the costs of PSP development.

After SCEA president Jack Tretton announced at E3 last week that Sony has slashed the cost of PSP dev kits by as much as 80 percent, the company has also pledged to cut the price of its PSP testing tools as well.

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BlackIceJoe3878d ago

That is cool I hope more developers will see this as an opportunity and make more PSP games.

FamilyGuy3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

They're really making sure they get more support behind this thing but at a lower cost i hope that doesnt cause a huge increase in shovelware, unless said shovel ware has aggressively lower pricing.

What was the old cost? $1000 is %20 of $5000 so i guess this was there old price?

Ju3878d ago

The development kit is still $1500, AFAIS. The $1000 is for the test tools. Still a steep price. I was hoping it would be cheaper, though. For example, iphone is around $100 or so for the entry program, but, well, you'd need to buy a Mac to to develop for it (devtools are actually free, but the support program cost a bit).

I was hoping, now with the download store and all, Sony would be ready for the .99 market. Why not ? But then, they would possibly have added a 3G to the Go, also.

Carl14123878d ago

Really pushing to have more developers working on the platform. This can only be good news for us PSP owners :)

killa916063878d ago

This only means good news,hey,we could get more devs making psp games,now,how to stop stealing psp iso's.....

infamous_273878d ago

Maybe I should buy a dev kit.

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