A new golden era for games?

Rick Gibson @ Developmag: It's a fascinating time to observe the games industry, particularly in terms of innovation. The console cycle nears its peak.

Traditional publishers are refocusing budgets towards smaller portfolios of established franchises and proven IP and away from high-risk new IP. Contrastingly, online games companies are thriving, rapidly growing user bases, maintaining continuous pipelines and experimenting with new IP.

Where their offline colleagues are becoming risk averse, online companies are riding a wave of commercial and technical innovation. Developments in technology and online distribution have combined with revolutions in commercial models to allow a new generation of developers to create games and get them to market for costs that have not been seen since the 1980s. That time was a golden age of innovation in terms of genre, gameplay and technology. I believe we are in a new golden era for games today, and we see most of the dramatic innovations in the online world; but just how innovative are today's online companies and why?"

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4pocalyps33445d ago

my golden era was around the time snes got released...ahh good times

Syronicus3445d ago

Then with the NES, it became the era of pure gaming bliss. Gotta say though, being around for every new iteration of gaming device, I have seen some pretty cool new stuff and this year is full of goodies, games and gear. I may have had some of the best times int he early 1980's but now is the time I enjoy games most.