Sony arming PSP to directly take on the DS market

Sony has transformed its entire outlook on PSP development in a bid to broaden the range of titles available on PSP consoles, to provide its PSP Go system with its own identity, and ultimately to establish a direct rival to Nintendo's 100 million-selling rival handheld, the Nintendo DS.

Sony recently released a company statement centred on two key objectives; that PSP development should be cheap, and that the PSP should be hosting a catalogue of niche indie titles as well as casual games for broader audiences.

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PS360WII3886d ago

ummm hasn't it always? Handheld market is the handheld market even if it's touting multimedia features it is still around to play handheld videogames.

Ah well good luck to the PSP Go I just hope it gets an $80 price cut asap!

StanLee3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

$250 for a handheld is just ridiculous especially when it cost less to produce than the current PSP and digital distribution negates the cost of UMD packaging and distribution. Sony really needs to address their ultra-aggressive pricing strategy.

PS360WII3886d ago

For sure. $250 is a lot to bite off for a handheld gaming device

Blaze9293886d ago

wasnt that...their aim since the PSP originally launched o_O? I really dont see the PSP Go! making much of a difference really. Nintendo does and will likely forever own the handheld gaming market.

MazzingerZ3886d ago

they share the market and make profit on every unit sold, I don't think SONY is that worried about the PSP

ThanatosDMC3885d ago

I'm worried about the size of my hands compared to the button layouts plus the shoulder buttons. Wouldnt it be too small?

If the PSP Go is about the same size as your PSP 1000-3000 check how much your hands could just wrap around it. I'll probably check this problem out before purchasing it.

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keysy4203886d ago

directly take on the ipod market too

doctorstrange3886d ago

PSP go targets rich, tech-savvy core gamers. DS mainly targets casual gamers.

PS360WII3886d ago

Naw DS and PSP mainly target gamers. Which is why they have always competed but a few members think they don't which is alright I suppose just not fully true.

Sarcasm3886d ago

The PSP has already sold 50 million worldwide. They just need to sell 100 million and will be known as the first Portable Handheld that survived against a Nintendo handheld.

50CALheadshot3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

mature franchises vs pokemon
multimedia vs ????????
gran turismo vs ?????????
peacewalker vs ????????

sony vs nintendo

this is going to get interesting

San Frandisco3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Umm hello,yes i would like a PSP to go please!

im a hardcore gamer and PSP fullfils my hardcore portable needs... i hope PSP go ends up doing great... gunna be very hard wen they jacked up the stupid price to 250,but once it gets a price cut a few months later im sure everyone is gunna want one.
Especially now that ppl will relize that you dont need UMD's.

Ninjaspeed3133886d ago

about a year or 2 psp2 be around the corner

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The story is too old to be commented.