Strategy Informer - E3 2009: Why Microsoft won

From "So the dust has settled on yet another E3. We saw games galore amid demonstrations of Microsoft and Sony's new attempts to break into Nintendo's motion-control videogame space. We saw Jack Tretton and Don Mattrick wow the crowd with what can only be described as megaton announcements which shocked and surprised the gaming media the world over. 2009 was a great E3, of that there is no doubt."

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AJKanismajoris3878d ago

yay another article based upon how microsoft apparently won

these articles are all to common on n4g

Real Gambler3878d ago

First: "Most memorable of course was last year’s Final Fantasy 13 Xbox 360 announcement"
(So last year E3 was won because FF13 became multi-platform.)

Then: "Final Fantasy XIV, which left us all gawping only until we found out it isn’t the platform exclusive"
(So, it's going to the PC as well, then it's not stealing the show)

So right away, last year FF became multiplatform and won the show, but this year, because it's PS3 and PC, it's not stealing the show ????

Then he goes with a list of Xbox games: Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Halo: Reach, Crackdown 2, Forza 3, Halo: ODST, Left4Dead 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction, Modern Warfare 2

Now, guess how many of those games are made by Microsoft. And guess how many of those games are coming to the PC! Pretty much most of them. So if he toned down FF14 because it's also coming on a PC, what should we think about those games that are also coming on PC... Sure enough, not stealing the show I guess...

table3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

It's because of the way microsoft present their games. SONY just say, 'oh btw we got FFXIV on the ps3'. Pretty cool is the reaction. Microsoft make a bigger deal about these things and they present it in a flashy manner. It's more fun the way microsoft do it and it tricks the eye into thinking that they had the best E3. Nintendo was the best example of how not to make a conference fun.

I'm getting tired of these articles actually specifically the unprofessional manner of them. I don't see the point in argueing over who 'won' a press conference. Let the games do the talking I say.

StanLee3878d ago

Ah yes . . . another Microsoft won article to incite the PS3 fanboy masses on Can't wait for the impending firestorm

*Edit* I see the firestorm has already started.

JokesOnYou3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

No, from my understanding he was saying that FFXIV impact this year is questionable because #1 its an *MMO(not all that popular genre on consoles) and #2 Its rumored now to possibly be coming to *360= multiplatform.

So its hard to say that the game can be considered a big exclusive announcement for Sony when both the director and producer say they are "considering all options at this time, including Microsoft hardware."

"It's more fun the way microsoft do it and it tricks the eye into thinking that they had the best E3." -stewgart

-lol, thats pretty impressive how micro "tricks the eye" and makes us "think" their E3 showing was "more fun". Wow. lmfao=


edit: I thought it was a great E3 for both, but yeah micro had a better overall show imo, does it really matter anyway who "won"?, btw I remember I think Gamesblow was his name, he made alot of predictions prior to E3, based on his "sources", morgan also I wonder how many came true?

boodybandit3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )
is the most honest and to the point description of the press conferences between MS, Sony and Nintendo.

edgeofblade3878d ago

This is a result of Microsoft being commonly accepted as the winner, regardless of what one person thinks. But what sticks in my craw is that Natal was what brought them this semi-democratic victory...

I, on the other hand (despite being a 360 fan), can accept that Sony put on a great show. I say they were roughly equal... no difference worth picking one over the other. I even think the Sony motion tech might be more viable in actual practice. Natal and Milo is the sort of pie-in-the-sky tech demo I would normally condemn Sony for, but when I see Microsoft doing the same thing... well, I'd be a hypocrite not to call the same foul.

Unlike the juveniles that surround us on N4G, I'll let Microsoft and Sony share the crown of E3... just as long as Nintendo is relegated to Court Jester.

AssassinHD3878d ago

+Bubble for the sensible post.

ultimolu3878d ago

Can someone explain to me how Microsoft won E3? I missed the memo. I thought gamers won in general.

Tito Jackson3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

but MS did put on the "best" show. In other words they did a better job at WOWING people than Sony or Nintendo. I watched all 3 Presentations and I have to say, I agree, MS put on the best show. I think the Beatles bit was kinda lame---but then again im not a fan of the Beatles. Natal was awesome, and IGN and Gizmodo both confirmed that this Technology works, right now(also makes me wonder why there are some articles about whether or not Natal is legit). They have some great games in coming up(even if some of them are not exclusive) and they have a lot of great features they are adding to XBL. ITs not a competition, but they put on a better show. They didn't win anything, but there are so many sh*tty fanboys out there, that they make everything into a competition. Until I hear from MS themselves, that this was a competition, and they "Won"---i could care less about it.

-chaz-3878d ago

It's hard to deny that Microsoft put on a good show. If you feel the need to declare one of the vendors as a "winner" or put down someone elses opinion on the matter, then perhaps your bias is showing a little.

Halo3 MLG Pro3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

"Can someone explain to me how Microsoft won E3? I missed the memo. I thought gamers won in general."

You have a choice of about 20-30 gaming sites/mags that have picked the 360 as the winner of E3. Go ahead and read any of them for your answer. Unfortunately I can't find any site that has said Sony won it. (Unless you count as a site LOL)

boodybandit3878d ago

I could have sworn I posted a link to one just a couple posts above utimolu. Odd how you read and replied to her response but choose to ignore mine.

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ShabzS3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

before the hating begins... the headline is a little off .. so to speak ... but yes balance between games shown at e3 that are coming out this year and the next year is key

morriss3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

It's all about balance, yeah

lloyd_wonder3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Riight... Sony has already had two AAA titles this year. Microsoft is the one playing catch up because they have squat so far. Sony wasn't lying when they said they would assault the market with AAA titles, and that's exactly what they're doing. You wanna sleep on some of their holiday stuff and quality developers, be my guest...

I also like how he blast Sony for having too many '10 titles, yet praises... " We have the last bastion of the survival/horror genre Alan Wake dated for “Spring” next year and the eminent BioWare RPG sequel, Mass Effect 2 coming out in what looks to be January. We also had the brand new Halo prequel, Halo: Reach dated for “Fall” next year. Crackdown 2 was also trailered and dated for 2010."

Really!? He does go into why "Microsoft won e3," though. Titles like Left 4 Dead, Splinter Cell, Forza, and ODST are sure to be hits, but how substantial an offering are some of these games? ODST is getting a lot of bad impressions-- being just a marginal progression of the franchise, with Halo 3's multi tacked on?? lawl. Left 4 Dead 2 is just a quick cashin coming off the success of Left 4 Dead 1; Splinter Cell has a lot to prove after the last awful one; and Forza 3 is just Forza 2 with HD graphics now....

If you want to say Microsoft won, fair enough. That's your pos opinion versus my pos opinion, but don't lie and say Sony didn't have anything to entice gamers. Whether it be Sony's motion wand or to the seemingly far off GT5. E3 is about getting people excited for the future- mainly, and making sure there are games available to gamers all year round-- not just in Janurary, and not just in December.

Chicken Chaser3878d ago

"Forza 3 is just Forza 2 with HD graphics now.... " .... really? ... really? if thats true then the same can be said about GT5? right?

Mike134nl3878d ago

But he does got a point that some we have to wait till next year for most of the ps3 titles.
Whereas Microsoft has a sure sell(console)exclusive line up ready for the remainder of 2009.
Also as far as I have noticed with the help of Nadal they have also attracted most of the media's attention.

Ju3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

GT..vs GT5: Nascar License, Damage Model, and ultra HD graphics, sure.

MS "won", because a) its the American born company in an American game show, b) it does what it always does: Faking stuff to make you believe how awesome their stuff is - as long as you don't ask questions. Hey, worked with all their other products, too.

Arnon3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

1. Microsoft knows how to present their news and announcements. They do it by giving it feeling, flash and excitement. They don't say things like "Uhhh... And now Rockstar has a exclusive Playstation 3 game called Agent. *Watches the rockstar logo appear*"

2. Microsoft had a extremely good mixture between games and content. 8 out of the 10 or so announced 360 exclusives had gameplay. 3 out of the 6 SHOWN PS3 games had gameplay. There was no new announced games with release dates and gameplay for the Sony press conference. Then, not only did Microsoft show off games WITH gameplay, but they announced new features for Xbox LIVE to improve it's online service and make it even better for the $49.95 yearly pricetag. And lets just be clear now. No one in their right mind can say XBL is a rip-off. There's a reason it costs this. It's because they're able to sign deals and pay for updates.

Last.FM Radio
Retail Games on Demand
Zune Video
Instant 1080p streaming
Entire Access to Netflix without PC
Netflix Sharing with up to 7 other friends over Xbox LIVE

What did Sony show to improve the Playstation Network?

Then we go on to innovative technology. Natal is NOT fake. Milo is not an AI, but everyone knew this. Natal will be used for, and I quote,

From Microsoft:
"Alex Kipman: Absolutely. We see there being three types of game. We love the [existing] controller, it's not going anywhere and there will continue to be games that are specifically made to only work with a controller. We'll have games that are specifically designed to work only with Natal - not just arcadey games, but real, hardcore, triple-A titles.

Then you'll have some games that are essentially a hybrid - games that work both with the controller and with Natal. Why is that interesting? Think about a first-person shooter where I'm using the controller but I'm doing facial tracking by just moving around and looking round corners.

Or you could have a hardcore gamer like me playing a game with a controller, while a non-hardcore person sitting next to me enjoys the experience by playing with Natal. I could be having my Halo experience with the controller and the friend next to me, who's not a hardcore gamer, could be throwing grenades or driving the Warthog or doing any number of things with Natal.

We can track up to four players in the same way we track controllers. Each individual player will be able to choose - do I want to bind with a controller, or do I want to bind with my body, or do I want to bind with both?"

Compared to what Sony announced as their PS3 Wand, I honestly give it to Natal. Sony did not market their Eyetoy. Most likely, they'll do the same with this tech. It's not a diss or ANYTHING of that sort to Sony. But we know with a fact, that Sony does not market about 80% of the tech and features they announce.

These conferences aren't just about games anymore. You need a good combination of new games and new features and new tech. Not to mention gameplay, which was extremely absent from Sony's conference. Same with release dates. God of War 3 was the only game there to have one. Every game for the Xbox 360 had a release date including Halo: Reach, Alan Wake, etc.

In my honest opinion. A company can not "win" a conference. But if I were to choose whether the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 has more games/features/content coming to it in the next few months, I would have to give it to the Xbox 360. This is also subject to change, since there's still 2 conferences on the way.

Halo3 MLG Pro3878d ago

lloyd, awwwwwwwwwwwwww somebody is frustrated :(

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callahan093878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

More bull. Microsoft didn't win. They showed some cool stuff. So did Sony. So did Nintendo. I'm tending to think Microsoft had the worst show, but giving an honest reason why I can only say it's because they've been unilaterally proclaimed the victor in a competition that I think was very even, so I'm feeling the urge to over-criticize their offerings and support the under-dogs that nobody's giving the credit to.

The whole article though seems to be making it a competition between Microsoft and Sony, so, that's what I'll discuss. First of all, Sony had to worry about supporting the PSP and the PS3. They couldn't devote all of their attention to the PS3 like Microsoft could for the 360. Thus, it's already unfair: all these critics are completely ignoring the PSP side of Sony's offerings, and ignoring the fact that having a PSP means they couldn't devote an entire show to the PS3. I can see why they do this, because the PSP isn't competing with Microsoft, and everybody's decided that Sony is competing with Microsoft first and foremost, so since the PSP doesn't compete with any Microsoft product, they ignore it completely.

But really, it's about this comment: "Forza 3, Halo: ODST, Left4Dead 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction are all coming in this year... Sony’s line-up was strong, but offered very little other than Uncharted 2 to look forward in 2009."

MAG, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Demon's Souls, Afrika, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, EyePet? Just saying.

thereapersson3878d ago

I reported the article for the exact reason that it's becoming the new journalism SPAM trend here at N4G

ShabzS3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

i do agree with you that sony had to focus on psp ... but i think they turned the focus on the psp a little too much.. thats how i felt since i'm not that into handhelds ... and i dont think the author is either...

but yeah if u are psp guy then u really have a good line up for this year ... but isnt mag coming out early next year like mass effect 2

callahan093878d ago

As of right now MAG is planned for a 2009 release.

morriss3878d ago

"MAG, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Demon's Souls, Afrika, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, EyePet? Just saying. "

Wow, they're HUGE titles....

table3878d ago

2010 release for MAG will help the game. It would get eatin' alive going up against MW2. I'm not getting my hopes up for the game but it looks to have some potential.

callahan093878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Oh, so I'm wrong? MAG isn't planned for a 2009 release? 3 disagrees on that statement? Unbelievable. Prove me wrong, show me one source that doesn't indicate that 2009 is the planned release window.

@Morris: Well, MAG could be big. A ton of people are Ratchet fans and eagerly awaiting that one. Demon's Souls may not be the biggest release of the year by a long stretch, but it's one of the BEST games of the year (I have it already, imported, and it's been a couple of years since a game got me as addicted as that one). As for the others, I'm not really interested in them, but they named all of the 360's games coming this year, so I named the PS3's games which they neglected to mention.

mintaro3878d ago

Except who sees Afrika and Eyepet as bignames.

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ChickeyCantor3878d ago

The only winner would be me or other gamers who found some things interesting and are now on our radar.

Non of them are winners, gamers are.

Johnny Rotten3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

good point!

dj555555553878d ago

this guy needs to research the things in his article, just pure bo11ocks

morriss3878d ago

what bits are factually incorrect?

dj555555553878d ago

"Microsoft’s Project Natal made Sony’s effort look last-gen in comparison" but now the people that demoed this are calling it slow and inaccurate and a large part of what was seen at E3 was scripted. This was said about the sony device "The accuracy is unparalleled. When compared to Microsoft’s laggy Natal “Painting” demonstration".

Beatles Rock Band... Multi platform
Modern Warfare 2 ... Multi platform
Left4Dead 2......... Multi platform

And how can anyone get excited about metal gear being on the 360 as the MGS4 developers where complaining about space and couldn't fit all they wanted to on the blu ray what can they do on DVD?. Unless you think that 40500mb of extra space makes no difference.