Kombo: E3 2009: Blur Hands-On

Kombo writes: "When it comes to the racing genre, developers seem to get pigeonholed into specific game types more so than those who work in other genres. Titles from Polyphony are always going to be hyper realistic and unapologetically sim-based; while a game from Criterion will invariably focus on speed and providing a pure arcade racing experience. Very rarely do teams try and break away from their established track record and make something new, but that's precisely the plan for Bizarre Creations. The crew behind the Project Gotham Racing series are now set to bring you Blur, an action racer that takes looks a whole lot different than anything they've ever done before.

Blur is a game that can best be described as an action racer, and one which seems to share quite a bit of common ground with Burnout and Wipeout. As players race around the track they can pick up weapons to attack others or help preserve themselves long enough to finish the lap. In the demo we checked out there were five different power-ups available, and there are plenty more planned where that came from. Some of the showcased pickups featured a shunt which would blast directly out in front and mess up enemy vehicles, a lightning strike that would take out nearby combatants and a sort of repulsor field which gets rid of those pesky foes who may be trying to trade paint with you or grind you into a barrier. There's also a nasty mine you can leave behind for foes and a temporary speed boost when the time comes to break out of the pack..."

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