Kombo: E3 2009: Tony Hawk: Ride Hands-On

Kombo writes: "This week at E3 brought me the chance to embarrass the crap out of myself by playing Tony Hawk: Ride. Nice.

Ride, for those with no previous knowledge, is a Tony Hawk title with a skateboard peripheral. The tech within the board is nothing we haven't already seen at work in something like the Wii Remote. There are two accelerometers within the gadget used to determine speed and change in direction. Then, on the front, back and sides of the board are motion sensors. These sensors pick up motion to about within a foot or two.

The sensors themselves worked fine. When I wasn't stumbling like a drunk on an ice pond, I was able to make use of the function easily. Just slowly and deliberately wave your hand in front of any of the sensors to initiate a grab. When you start off on a downhill, just kick your foot past one of the sensors on the side in order to kick start in the game. Simple enough, right?..."

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