Gamereactor DK: Ghostbusters Review

The Danish Online Magazine has a Review for Ghostbusters up.

Ghosts are back to celebrate their 25 year reunion, and gamereactor hired Lee West for the Ghost Busters team to clean up Manhattan. Here is his horrifying story ...

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Hiruma Youchi3420d ago

I aint scared of no effin Ghost Believe that. 9/10 game looks nice. is there a new movie coming out to?that'd be nice

coolfool3420d ago

I read a recent interview with Dan Ackroyd and it seems the script has been penned, they are studio backed but everything is not 100% finalised for them to go ahead and begin making it. I will be Christmas next year at the earliest I think.

ElementX3420d ago

Apparently the script is being written by the writers of The Office (US version). It'll feature some of the old Ghostbusters training in a younger group. Sounds extremely lame and I hope it doesn't get produced. Let the series die with some dignity

FamilyGuy3420d ago

Did the black guy die or what?
This game has voice acting from the originals but that one dude aint in it so what happened to him?

I can't believe this game is getting such high scores, i hope it gets a demo...

table3420d ago

Sick! It would be great if this score reflects across the board. Games based on movies hardly ever succeed and it would be a welcome change.

coolfool3420d ago

The movie based games that suck are the ones that are constrained to the movies plot. This games has been developed solely has a game so should work a lot better that way.

STK0263420d ago

yeah, most games based on movies suck. However, when the devs are given some freedom, time and money, it usually helps quite a lot.

table3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

dare I say it, GOTY 2009?!

@carl: I know man I meant it as tongue in cheek.

Carl14123420d ago

Won't be GOTY by far, but it will surely be a great game.

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talltony3420d ago

seriously thinking about getting this! thats the second 9 so far!

Carl14123420d ago

Awesome. Only had a few reviews so far but looking bloody good. Might have to get this next friday :)

spunnups3420d ago

I believe that's 2 9/10's if i'm not mistaken. I'm really excited about this game. I will wait for a few more before making my decision upon whether it's worth $60. Im sure I will get it eventually, once the price drops for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.