Destructoid: E3 09: Will Modern Warfare 2 have less grenade spam?

Destructoid writes: "When I sat down in a room full of proper games journalists like Brian Crecente, Adam Sessler and Nick Chester to watch some Modern Warfare 2 gameplay, I was quite excited. Not just because I was getting to see a very exciting FPS, and not just because there was loads and killing, and death turns me on. No, I was mostly excited for the fact that not a single enemy threw a grenade!

Grenade spam is one of the biggest bugbears I have with the series. It seems Infinity Ward has eschewed the respawning enemies, which was incredibly annoying, so does that mean they have reduced the grenade spam as well? I couldn't help asking once the demo was complete..."

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table3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Hopefully they do something to fix this minor problem in both single player and multiplayer. The multiplayer could get annoying on those smaller levels where everyone had 3 grenades and they would innevitably throw them simultaneously, not to mention martyrdom.

There are more urgent problems like; not getting stuck on nooks and crannies(that is bloody annoying) and connection issues(which seem to be getting even worse lately). The single player has no glaring problems.

interrergator3472d ago

im not gona get excited for this game until we SEE multiplayer

nombon3472d ago

The grenade spaming in cod waw just made it more satisfying once i beat the game on veteran :P but ill never do it again

ShabzS3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

haha.. yes the grenade spamming in WaW is riduculous ... especially the blowtorch and corckscrew level ... or storming the riechstag... it gets ridiculously frustrating at times

cant move around coz of the infinite respawn, cant stay in cover coz of the grenade spamming... they dont even shoot at ur squadmates..

rawrockkillz3472d ago

I hope they take care of grenade spamming. Playing on 50 player servers is pretty darn ridiculous with about 10 grenades going of every 5 seconds. Even if they don't it will still be fun!