Chart Track UK Software Sales for week ending 06/06: Sims 3 takes top spot

The Sims 3, to the surprise of no-one, has captured the top spot on the UK Software Sales Chart in its debut week on sale, coming five years after the release of The Sims 2, claiming the fourth biggest opening sales week for a PC game in the UK, behind Championship Manager 4 and World of Warcraft's two expansion packs.

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Syronicus3875d ago

That inFAMOUS still holds out int he top ten. Just recently beat that game and have to say that is truly a great title.

peeps3875d ago

yeh i'm actually surprised to see inFamous still in the top 10! It's a great game and i have no idea how many hours i must have spent on it now lol but i imagine that for people who don't really follow gaming, it just hasn't had the publicity and advertising it needed imo. Will be interesting to see how it does sales why though cus although inFamous is great i can't help thinking that it really needs a sequeal to kinda smooth out the rough edges of what is a great game

Carl14123875d ago

Indeed, it's good to see. I haven't completed it yet (i'm towards the end of the second island) due to having AS exams for the past few weeks. But now that exams are over i am going ti be playing it a lot as it is a brilliant game.

peeps3875d ago

just a tip about inFamous. Don't worry about completing the main story and ending the game cus u can carry on playing after the main story and go complete all the side quests etc which i thought was nice

Carl14123875d ago

Well that's good. I can imagine that finding blast shards will be as tiresome as finding light seeds in PoP though

PrimordialSoupBase3875d ago

inFamous will have legs, but not an explosive debut.

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Carl14123875d ago

Gotta feel sorry for all those uninformed people spending £40 on Terminator. Poor people

3875d ago
bjornbear3875d ago

Sims on top, wow what a surprise =P talk about casual gaming xD must be awsum tho =)

TheIneffableBob3875d ago

The Sims 3 is actually pretty complex. It can be casual, but can also be hardcore.

SnukaTheMan3875d ago

They doubled numbers for too human.....But to be honest I cant believe these numbers....others is the second strongest foothold sony has..68k seems way too low.