Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Monday 8th June 2009

Console Monster writes: "It's the start of a new week and the Xbox Live Marketplace is already boasting some great new content with a demo and trailers. Here is the full Xbox Live Marketplace update for Monday 8th June 2009:

Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs Playable Demo
Price: Free (Gold Exclusive offer)
Size: 423 MB
Join Ice Age's unlikely herd of prehistoric pals for their wildest, most exciting adventure yet! Embark on a rescue mission across melting snow to the mysterious Dinosaur World – an all-new, fur-raising jungle of carnivorous plants, lush foliage and fierce dinosaurs! Download the demo..."

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NMC20073423d ago

Ice Age 3 DEMO!!!!!
*runs to Xbox 360....... and kicks it into the wall*
Give me better online content!!!

NinjaRican3422d ago

O boy!!! Now give me a reason not to pour water on my xbox.

NMC20073422d ago

4th of July, wait until the 4th of July and you will have a fire display like nobody on your block.