Battlestations: Pacific X360 Review on PlayDevil

PlayDevil has just posted an in-depth review of "Battlestations: Pacific" for the X360.

Here's a snip:

"However, the game has taken on a more arcadey feel. Some missions now focus much less on the strategy elements, and will have specific checkpointed sections where you will start in a plane, then move to a boat or sub etc, which to me, whilst simplifying the game, takes away quite a bit of the fun. When you get a single unit to control, you start to realise that if that was it for the game, it wouldn't be quite as good as a specific game in that genre. However, when you do get to play with the full sum of the parts in the game, thankfully, the game retains the core strategy approach, which is still as fun as ever to play through."

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