StarCraft Wins Guinness World Record Gamers' Edition

A decade old, but StarCraft continues to be the best-selling RTS game around the world. Blizzard Entertainment's Mike Morhaime and Paul Sams took home two Gamers' Edition awards from the Guinness World Records team at this year's E3 event. StarCraft sold over 9 million copies in record time after launch.

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kerriganss3422d ago

Goooooooooo Blizzard! :D

moondragon3422d ago

11 years later and still the best single player and mp game to date.

Leord3422d ago

I am finding it hard to believe they can actually beat the hype and their old game with SC2...

Terrice3422d ago

It's certainly a monumental task, but I have faith in Blizzard.

Leord3422d ago

This development is nothing short of astounding. Luck, skill and perfection are part of the recipe :)

Cogo3422d ago

Well, having said that, they have done pretty darn well with events and stuff so far. I think we'll be quite impressed.

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The story is too old to be commented.