Nintendo Turning Off User Generated Content For Smash Bros Brawl

Nintendo has posted a notice on the official Super Smash Bros Brawl website that from June 30th, it plans to turn off user-generated uploads and replay data

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MasterChief36243880d ago

Kind of old, but it still confuses me a lot... Why do this, again?

ChickeyCantor3878d ago

perhaps it was't supported that great?

dalibor3878d ago

Perhaps it was both to cut server costs & it wasn't supported enough.

dragunrising3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Sadly, I think the answer is "all the above" :-( This is especially disappointing for me as I put off the game initially due to horrible lag and join times. I'm still interested in the online aspects of Brawl, however. Considering the game sold millions and millions of copies I think Nintendo is being more than cheap. Also, the game is only a little over a year old (right?).

Question: Why is there unanimous support for Nintendo bashing on n4g?

Answer: Nintendo doesn't care about the hardcore (and midcore) gamers anymore. They're only interested in capitalizing on uninformed and casual gamers.

There is so much bashing and flaming over xbox and ps3...we should forget about all that and fully direct our hatefilled comments on the wii. :-p

IdleLeeSiuLung3878d ago

I agree. In my mind Nintendo has been the far worst of the three console makers in supporting their long time fans. After only 15 months they want to cut online services already... I think that is a record!

Winter47th3878d ago

The Wii is nothing but a black dot in gaming history, developers work their ass off on next gen games, only to see crappy games sell better on the last-gen Wii. What do you expect them to do? why put more time and money on the Wii of course! and us PS360 folks get the shaft.

3878d ago
dragunrising3878d ago

Bubble up. The Wii is a dissapointment. I use mine almost exclusively for Virtua Console games. Not sure why people disagreed with you :-p They don't support their games (sans Mario Kart) and thats a fact. They never even patched Brawl...its still broken and your lucky to have anyone join your match. The only way I was able to connect was (somehow) joining a game with a friend. This process is further confounded by friend codes and lack "social connectivity." Thanks Nintendo.

N4g_null3878d ago

blindfromthesun I was just playing brawl and betting on fights also. Fun stuff.

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CDbiggen3878d ago

Right then, time to upload all 700 replays, all 300 screenshots and 30 custom stages. ;)

kesvalk3878d ago

no one used it -_-

they should make the game less laggy, then i shall think about playing it online...

Sorrow243878d ago

Because Nintendo Sucks. All I have is a Wii. and it sucks.

SinnedNogara3878d ago

Yeah, you may want to say that to someone who cares!!

Shnazzyone3878d ago

Kindof a shame but yeah.. smash bros online just didn't live up to the hype... maybe if it was anything like how well mario kart wii works then we might have been in business. Oh well.. maybe the next one will have some form of voice... in the meantime there are a million sites online to download stages from other then the dojo and screenshots are in jpg format so they can be uploaded to the web just as easily... it's just replays that will suffer.... but those were pointless anyway.

N4g_null3878d ago

Very true but this was actually a problem with the internet providers since they where throttling your service. Once you get around that it plays like they are in the same room.

It's really too bad they are doing this but with the sd card they should still make trading stuff possible.

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