Nintendo Reads Blogs But Isn't Affected By Them

Nintendo's sticking it to blog sites like us saying, while they read what we see and moan about, it has no effect on their strategy and plans...

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FragMnTagM3877d ago

have almost completely abandoned the people that brought them this far to begin with. Sure we get a few core titles here and there. But there are so many crappy games in between it is nauseating. I want to support Nintendo like I did when the NES, SNES, and N64 were around, but they don't give me any reason to.

N4g_null3877d ago

It's proof that you guys have a bigger mouth and should not be listen to. You talk and hype but when devs look at sales we just wonder why can you guys not buy more damn games! Then Wii fit owners pay over $80 for their game and it almost out sells one of the HD systems on it own.

Oyeah you can not cater to some thing that is shrinking and about to go back to where they came from. 3 million out of 20 million gamers is lame if you all claim to be hardcore and a game get a perfect score.

I think developers have maxed out the HD consoles sales wise and now it's time to max out the Wii in sales. You guy rather fight online than buy some games it seems.

skapunkmetalskater3877d ago

They're way over estimating The Conduit. Ok so it's one game that doesn't look like crap... but it has no range of titles to compete with what core gamers can get on other consoles.

The Wii is for those who wanna play with motion control... a proper gaming experience is Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

ChickeyCantor3877d ago

" The Wii is for those who wanna play with motion control... a proper gaming experience is Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

LOL *facepalm*

Proper, like "better" and "quality" is all of a subjective matter.
Soon MS and Sony have their motion controls on the market, once people start buying the consoles just for that its also an "improper" gaming experience?

Syronicus3877d ago

That all depends on the demographic talking. For some, motion control is the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, many of those currently enjoying the Wii motion controls were around when bread began shipping sliced. ;-)

na-no-nai3877d ago

what is the definition of proper gaming experiences?? cuz i dont know what that mean. to me gaming is gaming. its just a matter of peferences. im all about gameplay not about graphic so does that mean i dont play game properly since i play the wii?? lol please

Shnazzyone3877d ago

If i was nintendo I wouldn't let the blogs affect me either... have you read blogs about nintendo?? It's a good thing they never listened because they wouldn't have made a successful system. Since when the wii came out 90% of blogs claimed it will be a failure, then it was a fad and then it was just pure spite at nintendo for proving them wrong.

Though i wish they could get on the whole lack of fully functional online... then again that is just me. [email protected] who even said anything about the conduit?!?!? after reading this article then reading your comment all i said was.. "what?". I think your insane for something and will dismiss your comment as nothing more then a form of bizarre turrets.

kesvalk3877d ago

i remember a dev that listened to their fans, they went bankrupt...