Star Wars: TOR Dev Talks Trooper Creation

IncGamers reports that the principal lead combat designer for Star Wars: The Old Republic has spoken out about creating the recently announced Trooper class.

Damion Schubert talks bout the development team's apprehension as they pushed the Trooper out the testers. This is a new class that has no sexy lightsabers and no force powers. The developers didn't want it to be too similar to a Bounty Hunter with a multitude of gadgets in its suit, so the Trooper just has a big gun - and he likes to blow things up.

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Maticus3419d ago

Nah, give me a lightsaber any day :)

Fyzzu3419d ago

See, that's the thing - all the other classes need to be interesting enough to compete, and that's why I'm more interested in them than anything.

cwir3419d ago

exactly :)

who would want to be a trooper??? :)

Dorjan3419d ago

hmm.. blowing stuff up sounds good...

Malfurion3419d ago

How on earth would a trooper face up against a Jedi though? They just slice through them in the films - they're meant to be equal in the game? Sounds a bit off.

thetamer3419d ago

It's all about the Sith.

Medievaldragon3419d ago

From the point of view of a developer, that's a very tough creative decision to make. A Trooper class is kinda sitting duck before Jedi class players, and other classes that have better abilities.

They would really have to boost what a trooper is capable to do, to sorta balance all other classes vs. trooper.

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