NVIDIA Tegra: HD video playback under 1Watt

In what is probably the most exciting announcement at Computex so far, Nvidia unveiled its new Tegra platform which promises powerful mobile computing while using under 1W of power.

Tegra is an ARM-based 8-core processor where each core does a different task. When the other cores aren't required they are put to sleep and only awakened when absolutely required. Most tasks require under 1W of power. Conversely, Intel's Ultra Low Voltage processors use around 15W to achieve far less performance.

The eight cores are:

» ARM 11
» ARM 7
» 2D Engine
» HD Video Encoder
» HD Video Decoder
» Audio
» Imaging

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Kakkoii3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Nvidia really created quite an amazing system here. That chip is only the size of an iPod shuffle lol. Yet is so powerful and energy efficient.

I wish I had a little touch screen test platform with this thing in it, so I could fool around with coding on it. *Nerdgasm*