ATI Expects a "Wave" of DirectX 11 Game Titles to Ship This Year.

Xbit: "ATI said that the adoption rate of the next-generation Microsoft DirectX 11 application programming interface by game developers is rather high and that the company expects to see "a wave" of titles supporting DirectX 11 already this year.

"We now have more startups with DirectX 11 than we saw at this stage with DirectX 10. After DirectX 10 was formally released in the very end of November, 2006, there was a lag of something like 5 months before the very first [DX10] title arrived. We expect a wave of [DX11] games to arrive during this calendar year", said Richard Huddy, senior manager of software developer relations at AMD/ATI, at a conference on Thursday.

Apparently, there are so many game developers working on titles that utilize the DirectX 11 technology that ATI's developer relations team is working on full throttle to support them."

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Kakkoii3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

This will be great, nice to see it getting more support than DX10. Because DX11 really is a great upgrade, and will make for some amazing games once utilized.

It's also easier for developers to adopt DX11 than it was for DX10, because DX11 is backward compatible with DX9, DX10 hardware. The DX9, DX10 hardware merely can't use the new features. So it's going to make developers lives a lot easier.

free2game3653447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

lol this is never happening, direct X11 support will in all likelyhood be even worse than the pathetic support for DX10.

Kakkoii3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Wow, someone is unoptimistic lol.

Let's go through the reasons why DX11 will win, and not fail like DX10 did.

1.) Windows 7 is getting good reception, unlike Vista.

2.) DX11 is backwards compatible with existing hardware and developers don't need to do much tedious coding to get a DX11 game to work on DX9/10 hardware. A big relief from the coding grief brought on by DX10.

3.) DX11's performance optimizations are very attractive and will help help games perform better.

4.) Tessellation is a very attractive tool for developers.

5.) Integrating general computing with the GPU into DX11 is a major plus that will allow developers to easily use the GPU for processing more types of tasks faster than a CPU can.

6.) With the current install base of Windows Vista, and the expected large install base to come for Windows 7, using DX11 will become a more attractive option.

7.) Due to that backwards compatibility, there's almost no reason for developers not to use DX11.

At the very least it's not going to be worse off than DX10 lol, that's completely ridiculous taking everything into consideration.

free2game3653446d ago

You have to remember that the market has changed greatly since DX10 came out. Now developers are putting less and less focus towards the PC. In 2007 for example there were big holiday PC only titles. Last year there weren't, and this year there aren't any. Development has shifted too much to consoles for most of this stuff to get used greatly, I mean DX10 support actually got worse and sequels and follow ups to games that did support DX10 actually dropped it. Look at Dawn Of War 2 and that new Call Of Juarez game, in DOW2's case Company of Heroes supported it and in COJ game the original did after a patch and saw benefits from it. Everything now is being developed for the lowest common denominator which is the consoles.

hakis863447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Obviously the "DX 11 adoption wave" is likely to be games utilizing multiple cores better, rather than "all new DX11 only titles".

I bet Crysis 2 will be one of the first big using a lot of DX11 features.

Kakkoii3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

When has there been DX10 only titles huh? Crysis could use DX10 or DX9, so I don't see what your trying to get at.

If you mean games mainly using the performance improvements of DX11, and not using Tessellation, then yeah most likely. But Tessellation itself is a good performance increasing tool also. Using it to create more detail instead of conventional methods would further improve the performance of said game.

free2game3653446d ago

DirectX10 was supposed to have performance benefits too and only two games I know of actually ran better in DX10.

qface643447d ago

hey what's going on why aren't they comparing this the way they compared DX10 and DX9 LOL LOL

steve30x3447d ago

If the ammount of DX10 games available is anything to go by then we wont see that many DX11 games

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