New Images of Forza Motorsport 2

The official website has once again been updated with more additions to the car list, this time adding Aftermarket Tuner cars. There's only one more update to go before the list is finalized, and with the recently announced street date (May 15th) there shouldn't be much waiting left. And we even get a demo on the Marketplace this month. They sure know how to keep us happy!

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THAMMER14268d ago

But that wont happen I'm getting this game day 1.

power0919994267d ago

This games features alone are well worth it. The fun factor is sky high on this one. (at least for me)

I am going to miss the point to point races.

Hopefully that will be DLC.

You in a car club for Forza 1 Thammer?

BIGBAER4267d ago

I played the original Forza for months on end, loving every minute of the game from car customization to racing the dreaded Tokyo track with its infamous 'turn #9.'

Forza broke ground in regards to console racers' physics model and gameplay.

Forza 2 is set to up the ante --- big time!

I can't wait!

Terry Tate4267d ago

I still play the first one weekly. This is a great racing series. Number two promises to be leaps and bounds better than the first, which was already an excellent game. I will miss Fujimi kaido though.

PS360PCROCKS4267d ago

Looks great but these have been up on IGN and Forza's website for days now I saw these on like Tuesday or Wednesday surprised you all just saw them.

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