Computex - Day 1 - Hello Nangang

Guru3D: "Hello everyone and welcome to day one of Computex. Today the exhibition started here in Taipei / Taiwan. Our focus today will be on visiting a lot of companies located in the Nangang facility.

Perhaps I need to explain this. But originally Computex was held in a couple of buildings in the business district of Taipei, TWTC, TICC. Since Computex grew real fast the exhibition grounds started to become too small. As such, located directly next to the TWTC facilities, manufacturers started reserving suites in the biggest hotel in Taipei, the Grand Hyatt. The Computex organization however wanted to expand, and roughly 5 miles away from the TWTC / 101 building, a new huge exhibition facility was opened last year. To be honest, it is not very handy to have these buildings located so far away from each other, as the new facility, Nangang, by itself is by far not big enough to have the total exhibition as well. So you'll literally be moving in-between buildings. And to top it all off, this year companies started using the 101 as well... oh dear."

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