Computex - Day 0 - Before it all begins

Guru3D: "Hello all and welcome to the first Computex update. What a crazy week it is my friends, last week we of course had to celebrate the fact that turned 10. I of course hope you all really enjoyed what we did that week with our rather unique articles, and of course, the three competitions that (still) are running.

That week didn't even end and yours truly had to catch a plane to Taiwan, as on Tuesday the 2nd Computex is beginning. After a 16 hour flight, and then the residual hours of automotive traveling, we finally arrived in Taipei. And luckily for us there was already some stuff to do. Minutes after checking into the hotel I hopped on a taxi to the New York-New York venue located very close to the TWTC exhibition grounds and that always impressive building, the Taipei 101.

Now I'm not afraid of heights but if you stand all the way at the first floor, and look up into the sky... you'll notice that the building is roughly 550 meters in height. So impressive, and sure... even a little scary."

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