Gears of War update announcement a mistake - Not April 9th

Contrary to previous reports, the Gears of War update will not be released on Monday, April 9th, but on a date that still has yet to be determined.

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CompGeek4273d ago

It wasn't a "mistake." It was supposed to be April 9 but MS is taking their good old time approving the patch.

Imknow14273d ago

If a Capture the Flag mode would work? But still hyped about a this new game mode when it comes out :D

Sphinx4273d ago

At least I'll have more time to complete Shivering Isles... and now GameStop in the US has Viva Pinata on sale for $29.99. I think that is good enough to pick up now.

ThaGeNeCySt4273d ago

as long as it comes in a timely fashion i'm all for it.

ANoobsJourney4273d ago

On attack of the show last night they said that an employee for epic "slipped" and said that Annex is a territory type game (think Halo), and that there will be respawns.

eques judicii4273d ago

and the temporary airing on the gears of war website confirmed that... it will be like a king of the hill game where you earn points for holding a territory (they said that it is based off of where the weapons spawn.

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