Lens of Truth: Feature - Adventure Island Evolution

In this Evolution, Lens of Truth takes a look at Hudson's Adventure Island series. From Master Higgins' first NES adventure in 1988 to Adventure Island: The Beginning - released just this past month on the Nintendo WiiWare service - every major U.S. home console release starring Master Higgins is shown.

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ArthurLee3878d ago

Nice video, I loved those games! Too bad the new one stinks.

jaidek3878d ago

Yeah, I am not feeling the graphics on the new one. They are a bit half assed in my opinion. But, great job on the video! Brought back a lot of memories. Gotta love that skateboard!

stealyrface3878d ago

These games aren't the greatest but there is something to be said for playing as a Ron Jeremy look alike in a grass skirt throwing axes. How nostalgic. BTW the remake is terrible.