Game Shops Rage at Sony's PSP Go

Sankaku Complex writes: "The news that Sony's PSP Go will dispense entirely with the traditional physical distribution of games and other content in favour of digital delivery, not even including a disc drive, has filled game retailers with terror and anger, for they see the writing on the wall."


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MGOelite3514d ago

gamestops gonna brick its pants lol. with the 360s instant game thing as well lol

3513d ago
velcry3513d ago

the gameshop nearest my house is already selling the patapon 2 umd case with the download voucher inside, no umd included. they might be getting a smaller cut of the pie, but it's still money to be made.

sony already said that they will be ensuring that games can still be distributed at gameshops, just that they will sell the download vouchers instead of the UMD discs.

so don't be alarmist. business is carrying on as usual.

sniper-squeak3513d ago

Just imagine if the PS3 went digital...

Demonsdown3513d ago

Gamestop has known for years that its going to happen the owner even said in an interview that the reason for the used game pricing is so they can take as much as they can while they still have a physical based distribution to do it to.

Although it wouldn't surprise me at all if some governments that have Reselling laws force the game and other digital distribution items like movies and music to find a way to enable trading and reselling this type of thing eventually.

Syronicus3513d ago

These stores start seeing Kiosks put in place of used games racks. Kiosks that will be there for DLC. Just bring in your PSP or memory card and purchase and DL the games right at the store. They have had this in Japan for a long time now. I wonder when it will come to the States?

Baliw3513d ago

Not everyone likes the idea of give away his credit card numbers.

Shops just need to offer the service; the one to download the game to your PSP Go!. your memory card, or any other storage media.
In other words, they will 're-sell' the game to you instead of you buying it from PSN Store.

So guys, chill, there's no problem with this thing.

anh_duong3513d ago

the author does know that sony is still selling psp 3000 doesn't he?

furthermore this is the future of all hand held gaming devices.

the iphone, zune hd will all have digital delivery.. i think game shops can b1tch and moan as much as they liked but even they can't stop the inevitable..

N4g_null3513d ago

A smart retailer would like this even more. They could sell online currency and vouchers. They can also still be a place for the publisher to advertise also. The cool thing about online downloading is the fact that a old good game will still be around and it doesn't get lost at retail. This is why I love the VC for old school games. Yet some thing tells me some retail space may rail against this idea because they don't know how to evolve. You may not hear them do it openly but you may see it in the sales push.

ThanatosDMC3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

PS3 all ready went digital a long time ago.

Side Note: Demon's Souls is freaking awesome! Being a Black Phantom is just great. I completely ruin other people's games!

sniper-squeak3513d ago

I meant fully digital lol, like no format at all, such as Blu-ray.

Just Digital Downloads... but mind you, you'd need a heck of a lot of space!

Sheikh Yerbouti3513d ago

Agreed. A $200 PS3 'slim' that forgoes blu-ray for digital downloads. Have it sell with Wifi and a 80GB harddrive and a introductory voucher of Killzone 2 to download.

Dir_en_grey3513d ago

One Japanese retail store owner wrote a rant on his blog, and now it's game shop"s" rage at Sony?
People on 2ch are laughing at this idiot anyway.

falcon3513d ago

one day we're going to say bye bye to gamestop... and I believe this is a good thing

Homicide3513d ago

@1.1, I agree. That is my issue, and also you can find used copies or brand new copies cheaper than the retail price. With DD, you only have one price. Also, I wonder if they'll have the whole PSP library available for download including niche games.

SuperM3513d ago

Actually downloadable games are usually cheaper then if you buy them in the stores.

s8anicslayer3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

welcome to the digital age, If the next round of consoles uses the same method of digital distribution then say goodbye to places like gamestop and especialy gamefly

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life doomer3514d ago

gamestop deserves to go out of business.

gta28003513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I disagree. Yes I hate their rip off business tactics, but that's business. You just have to simply avoid going there and that's that. I wouldn't want them to go out of business. Think of the thousands of employees they will have to layoff. Sure, it doesn't pay well but it's still a job and the employees are still getting paid. Just think about that next time you wish a big company went out of business.

On topic though. This whole "PSP GO is gonna kill physical distribution" thing is really exaggerated. Sony already said they're still going to fully support UMD and that they're working on some software to convert your UMD's into downloadable files. So I don't see why some people are making a big fuss of it. I personally will just buy my UMD's and convert them with the software Sony will release(hopefully). But where are the "360 is gonna kill physical distribution" articles at? They're going in the same direction as the PSP too but that doesn't necessarily mean this is the doom for any physical game media. I think this type of stuff might take a small hit on physical media but nothing drastic. I mean just look at the music industry. They thought the CD was doomed when MP3 players came out, years later MP3 players have become a house hold item, yet CD's are still selling. Yes, CD sales aren't the same as they used to be but CD's still sell. It will be a while before everything goes to digital distribution, by that time we will all just have to accept it, but until then just relax.

Sheikh Yerbouti3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

more competition. There is a Game Crazy in the Indianapolis area, but it is almost an hour from my house. I never hear anything negative about Game Crazy. We have Disc Replay that is better than Gamestop for used games with titles going back to the 2600, but their selection is low for current gen systems.

Best Buys and Ebay, sure. But I want another brick and mortar dedicated to games. Still, I don't hate Gamestop. They've just done some stupid things to me. They lost my Infamous $15 pre-order, recently.

badz1493513d ago

games will still be sold on UMD because PSP Go! will not be replacing 3000. so...physical media and downloadable media will co-exist.

Close_Second3513d ago

...continue to buy UMD. If the downloadable versions of the games work on my PSP-3000 then I will be downloading.

This move from Sony is a final indicator that UMD is long last.

mastiffchild3513d ago

But lots of kids and/or people with no access to the net have a PSP so the Go is only an experiment to see what the margins are for Sony.

UMD may well be dying but til there's a decent way of getting a d/l when you personally have no way of doing it there's still a need for physical media, imo.

Maybe the retailers should have a way, with their cut paid by the dev/console maker of allowing d/ls instore in future which would also be cool, say, at the airport or train station if you wanted a new game for your holiday or journey. There will always, esp with portable gaming, be a way for retailers to get a foothold, im, as long as they are clever enough. And , honestly, I'm sick to death of the trade in rip off.

y0haN3513d ago

They already saw the fall of PC gaming at retail. It's mostly online now, and for the better.

KingDizzi3513d ago

Damn so much Hentai on the that website O_O

CrimsonFox133513d ago

Lol! I just noticed that! There's a lot of hentai on that website!

PopEmUp3513d ago

from the name "Homicide" lol Hentai all over his room for sure :P

frjoethesecond3513d ago

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jovherye3513d ago

Whocares about the PSP GO! I like the website!!!! And yes, the jail chick is awesome!!! LOL!!!

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