GTTV E309: Bonus Round Conference Grades

GTTV: Our experts talk about the biggest announcements E3 has had to offer and also grade Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft's performances at this year's show.

Dan Hsu :

Sony: A-
Nintendo: D+/Overall: B

Michael Pachter:

Sony: A/C

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xabmol3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

MS had a great show! With appearances by Paul, Ringo, Yoko?, Hawk, Spielberg. It was very entertaining! But how did that show make your 360 any better? 4-5 games + Natal?

Sony had a decent show. Not too flashy or quite as entertaining. But OMG! THE GAMES! The live demos were beautiful and filled with action! Did you see them all?! They didn't even have enough time to show all the games coming out. Plus a motion "dildo" with unparalleled precision that can appeal to both casual and core gamers. Not to mention all the new PSP games along with the PSP Go.

For Entertainment: MS A Sony B-

For Gamers: MS B Sony A+


I can't wait to see more great Sony exclusives at TGS!!

Bordel_19003875d ago

Microsoft'presentation is directed at the American audience with more MTV like presentation.

Sony was a lot more down to earth and wasn't, at least this year, as much about smoke-and-mirrors as the MS presentation was.

Both had great conferences though. Lot's of great games coming our way.

KionicWarlord2223875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

They gave sony a . thats messed up.


woops didn't mean sony meant nintendo .

CypH3875d ago

is twisted. people are ignoring the fact