Prototype Gameplay Footage

NoBSGamers writes: "This is live gameplay footage from E3. Sorry for the audio, DJ Hero was being announced at the time of this recording. Enjoy!"

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Dick03517d ago

this gameplay makes infamous look like a nintendo ds game

spunnups3517d ago

i'm guessing you've never played any of the Hulk games.

Surfman3517d ago

hm youre so wrong. InFAMOUS looks alot better.

felidae3516d ago

well, i think it's the other way around!

have you ever played inFamous? it looks 10x better than Prototype and the story is also really good for a superhero game.

i'll rent Prototype to see if i like it as much as inFamous.

cody2oo3517d ago

yup its a rental to see if ill buy.

DNAgent3517d ago

It looks unpolished and from those videos it seems to have some kind of terrible noise in the background.

HBK6193516d ago

LMAO - "Sorry for the audio, DJ Hero was being announced at the time of this recording."

Dawn_Of_Ashes3517d ago

i did not find any review of the game on major site and it come out june 9th.

Thats weird no?

raztad3517d ago

No demo, well ok, no every game has a demo. However, no reviews? those guys want people do a blind purchase, somenthing is not right here. I hope the game is decent.

chaosatom3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

That's seriously messed up.

50CALheadshot3517d ago

after enjoying infamous' lighting, gameplay and audio/video detailfor 2 weeks now, prototype looks very weak.

KampferZeon3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

The graphical quality is at about the same level of GTA4, maybe slightly better.
Gameplay Mechanism is the same as previous titles such as Hulk.
Prototype really should be released last year.

Release after Infamous really makes Prototype looks bad in comparison especially when Infamous is getting some good marks in the reviews.

FamilyGuy3517d ago

There are no official reviews for some reason but the impression from people with hacked 360s seem to be mixed. The game iso was released days ago from people with hacked 360s ans some are saying "it's the best game they ever played" while other are saying "it pretty much sucks" but with no comments on why so they're probably people who havn't played it and are just taking sides.

No demo:
Sand box games had NEVER had a demo up until the release of the demo for inFamous.

No Press Reviews:
This one makes me think they're hiding something.

The game looks good from what we HAVE seen so I don't see how it could suck unless the games main story can be beatin in under 5 hours or something...

mistajeff3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

I've played it, and it's bad. Not horrible, but barely decent. The controls are sloppy, the narrative is atrocious and instantly makes you adverse to caring about the plot in the slightest, and the graphics look like PS2 graphics at times (though in all fairness, they look better than GTA4 at other times). It's obvious they had a load of preorders for it and didn't want to lose them so they held off on the demo and made everyone hold off on reviews.

No, I can't actually prove that I've played it, but you'll see.. they'll be lucky if this game gets above an 8 anywhere. I'm thinking 7's at best, 4's at worst. But we all know numerical reviews are bullsh!t anyway. If I were grading the game based on the developer's overall objective, I'd give it a C-. Of course I could be completely wrong in my prediction and it could get tons of 8's.. but it's highly unlikely. Though you never know with gaming press today.. especially when you see people getting fired for providing accurate reviews of Kane and Lynch...

EDIT: yeah, I was already proven wrong by that comment below with all those PS mags giving it 8's and 9's. Really doesn't deserve that.

50CALheadshot3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

that exclusives Pwn multiplats......

and we all know why.

edit: thank you misterjeff for the official, "unofficial" review...LOL.

Demonsdown3517d ago

Most of the industry was at E3 last week (and preparing for it the week before) so the review will likely start coming up on Monday.

mistajeff3517d ago

No prob, 50 cal. Glad to see people believe me, despite the fact that I'd never advise anyone to believe some random commenter on a website lol.

PrimordialSoupBase3517d ago

It might simply be because the embargo is tomorrow and everyone was too busy with E3 to break it.

kevnb3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

I dont need reviewers to influence me, I like what I like no matter what some jaded reviewer thinks of it.
ps: there is one review,

Blaze9293516d ago

Your right, the reason no reviews have been seen is becuase there is likely an embargo. That or the PR in charge of getting the games out to reviewers, attended E3 and were too busy to fulfill request at the moment.

Nothing is "up", you guys just suspect too much.

rpgenius4203516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

My nephew has been playing this game since last Wednesday and he loves it! I have to admit though that I have been playing inFamous and when I tried out Prototype I must say the controls are not as smooth as inFamous, but really the only bad thing is the jumping. The graphics are good and the game is pretty graphic (grabbing pedestrians like they are rag dolls) not to mention it has multiplayer (beats inFanous there) and from what my nephew and a few friends that got it say, they can't stop playing it! When I am done with inFamous I will get to Prototype.


Ramtough3516d ago

Since this is the only anticipated action game on 360/PS3 this month I expect higher than average reviews, inflated scores from 360 fanboys, and relatively high sales numbers. I know I'll be reading a million comparisons about how this is better than or different from or not quite at good as Infamous in every review whether it's from the xbots or pees3s. This game will sell a LOT of copies and will be number 1 on 360 and PS3 for the next two - three weeks.

All the reviewers that didn't like Infamous will drool all over Prototype like a virgin teen shy boy at a strip club getting his 9th lap dance. I am kind of afraid of buying this game because I don't see any reviews and the game drops tomorrow, BUT when the reviews do drop I bet it will average at about an 87 score.

FamilyGuy3516d ago

The videos in the link make it look pretty crappy. Just an impression but it looks glitchy...

Christopher3516d ago

Looks okay. Didn't like seeing him get hit by a storm of bullets and remain standing like nothing was happening. Perhaps a bit nitpicky on my part, but that's something I usually like in a game, reaction to damage being taken.

I don't think it looks bad. Cut scenes are really nice to say the least and the story looks very mature in nature. Did like that they were playing this on a PS3, shows some confidence in the game on both platforms.

Kushan3516d ago

The Controls are a bit awkward at the best of times, but the gameplay is solid fun. I've played it in an official capacity and I can confirm it's a damn fun game.

HBK6193516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

But will it last?

I have no doubt that this game will be fun...for a good 30 minutes to an hours play. After that though it will get boring if it doesn't have any real depth to it. There are PLENTY of games out there that can offer fun that lasts. That is what I am looking for, something that I can play for a good 50-60 hours(Probably more) and just have a fantastic time with it.

Something I was actually amazed at for me was that GTA IV was a game that I didn't overly like, it was good, not great, about an 8-8.5/10 for me. I picked up Saints Row 2 a while after it was released and absolutely loved the game, was fun to play, the side missions were quite fun, etc. but amazingly I have played GTA IV for AT LEAST 120+ hours(Not including multiplayer, which I have played probably an extra 30+ hours on) where as Saints Row 2 I have actually only played for about 12 hours(Haven't played multiplayer in Saints Row 2).

It just seems to me that there is nothing that really draws me back to Saints Row 2, I am hoping the game gets trophies just so I get a reason to go back as I really struggle to find one to get me to play the game again. Something that I never found myself really thinking with GTA IV. Another real amazing thing is that the co-op in Saints Row 2 makes it so easy to jump into a game with another player and the way I have been playing and loving co-op games I thought this would keep my times for days on end. I just haven't found a reason to play co-op though, I have plenty of mates who I could play co-op with, just that I don't ever find myself thinking or wanting to do it.

This is what I have a feeling Prototype could be like, fun for a limited time. After a while you just get bored of it and can't really find a reason to go back to it other than maybe a 20 minute session to smash some people up. It isn't substantial enough to really hold up in my honest opinion. I really hope that Prototype can offer more, but am starting to highly doubt it.

Ramtough3516d ago

Meh the video quality sucks. I felt like I was looking through a fogged window.

Alvadr3516d ago

I was just thinking the same thing. Where are the reviews??? The game is out now and theres nothing.

This is one game im truely undecided on. Im really waiting for the reviews so I can think about a purchase once finished with Infamous.

Johnny Jiron3516d ago

that game comes out tomorrow also. As stated above I'm sure most were busy with E3 among other things. Meh. I gotta save up the money anyways. Ghostbusters is out next week so I may just wait til then.

The_Devil_Hunter3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Dont want to bring metacritic to the table but have you guys noticed they havent putten up the 5/5 review to inFamous from X Play..WtF!

XboxBoy3516d ago

@ Kushan

Man I gotta say who the hell u think u are. stop trying act like youve played it.

xboxlj3516d ago

"No demo:
Sand box games had NEVER had a demo up until the release of the demo for inFamous. "

You are incorrect. There has been several sandbox games which released demos on the 360 and before their release. Saints Row, Crackdown and Superman for example to name a few.

s8anicslayer3516d ago

This game is a questionable purchase to me,and here in the noerht east us we get those Gamestop TV promos for the game and it's so cheesy that it further solitifies my thoughts on this game being mediocre

FamilyGuy3516d ago

They have one review up but it's from a site made specifically for the game... HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HAPPEN? How can just ANY site post a review and it be accepted but meta? No wonder no one trust the site, that's one bad judgment call.

Oh, well then i stand corrected but can you name any multi-platform sand box games that had one?
In any case i'll just say that it seems rare and i dont expect them to release one for this game. That game play makes this game look clunky though. I'm sure it can still be fun above that but it doesnt help this games case...

TheRealSpy023516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

it's just proof you're a fanboy. infamous looks pretty lousy too.

not that i think this game looks better. but infamous is nothing special.

as for everyone's concern on reviews. haven't you learned your lesson with just about every game released this generation? reviews are garbage. i haven't seen a AAA game get below a 9 and most of them have been crap. not only that, but if a multiplat game or a 360 game gets a good review, all the ps3 fanboys shout that the sites are bought off by microsoft.

sorta tired of hearing this hypocritical logic from gamers. if there are no reviews, something is wrong. if the reviews are good, something is wrong. if the reviews are bad something is wrong.

just rent the damn thing, try it out, and if you like it, buy it.

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chaosatom3517d ago

I not going to rip on the game or anything, but I really don't have high hopes for the game.