GayGamer E3 09: Hands On With Katamari Forever

GayGamer writes: "It's time to start rolling stuff up again, this time on the PS3, and Namco Bandai was kind enough to let Fruit Brute and I borrow a Katamari to try it out. Katamari Forever once again sees the poor put-upon Prince forced to do the bidding of the King of All Cosmos and roll up various things to put the stars back in the sky. This time, they were destroyed by RoboKing, and when selecting levels, you can choose to take missions from the King or the RoboKing. Playing Katamari Forever on the PS3 is just like when you wiggled the dual analog sticks on the PS2 controller, although naturally, the new Sixaxis controls have been implemented to let you hop into the air."

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