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50CALheadshot3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

anyways, they did not announce this at e3 so what can this mean? perhaps a october 22 release?

lol, come on polyphony.....just do it:

edit: hey look, a troll is eating our bubbles. I have a counter just for that: +bubbles for all here

rockleex3417d ago

Oh wait, this is a Home space... its free. :P

You know what would be even more amazing though? Imagine if you can unlock a go-kart to drive around Home if you get the Platinum Trophy for GT5!!! O_O

*head explodes*

grashopper3417d ago

I know...if your going to be a video game site at least learn how to spell the damn games name. Its been around for 12 excuse anymore. GRAN

Godmars2903417d ago

That even with a 2 hour and 10 minute presentation they didn't have time to announce all that they were doing? Especially with three paltforms to consider.

Of course, if they hadn't wasted some of that time talking about sales figures...

rockleex3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

You don't want go-karts in Home? O_o

Or maybe you want Ferrari's instead? XD

Edit: I see there's a disagree fairy, or two, floating around here. -_-"

barom3416d ago

lol for a site that covers "Gran" Turismo so much, they should really start spelling it right.

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LarVanian3417d ago

Do you think this would strengthen the chance of a 2009 release?

ThatCanadianGuy3417d ago

I would be more surprised if they DIDN'T release it this year.
They said the game is done.There just polishing everything now.

I figure Sony is going to have them release it this christmas with a bundle.It'll surely drive holiday sales (Pun intended)

40cal3417d ago

I suspect a release date will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show or Leipzig.

That HOME space sounds awesome.

Hallucinate3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

id surprised if it did release this...and id also feel pretty sorry for sony cause theyd have a moron running the company

basically it isnt coming out this year cause they didnt announce it at E3
EDIT when is TGS? like september right? well that not enough time to build hype...or sony could be going for the opposite and try to get 'shock hype'

ultimolu3417d ago

There better be a release date soon. ._.'
I mean, I hope so.

raztad3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )


Grand Turismo doesnt need to build hype.

TGS sounds very very likely, dont forget PD is japanese, so most probably they want to pull all the stops at TGS.

Lets put it this way, Sony is projecting a juicy 30% increases in sales. uhhhhm, they need TWO things, first and foremost a good price cut and second amazing games. If you combine both of them, you get a 300$ PS3 + GT5 released in december.

rockleex3417d ago

Since the Europeans love Gran Turismo so much... it would make a LOT more impact to announce the release date at Leipzig.

GT5 Prologue sold 2 million copies in Europe ALONE! O_O

mt3417d ago

but they just looking for the best time to release it around the world .

mastiffchild3417d ago

Rockleex-it WONT be Leipzig as it's now dead, sadly, as it's the one I usually can get to. There's a show in Cologne this year which should now be big enough to replace the Leipzig one but the Japanese companies don't always show much anyway in the EU, I'm not sure Ninty even know that Europe really exists as last year they didn't even show up at all!

bmw693416d ago

This will not make it out in 2009!!

Kleptic3416d ago

there is not a single chance in hell that this makes a 2009 release...late 2010 if we are lucky...

they did more or less confirm damage...multiple sources have nearly confirmed that the E3 teaser was all in game, with multiple frame drops, some aliasing issues on buildings for freeze frames, and a few screen tares here and there...but the WRC WRX STi rally car having a facked front end gave a big indication as to what the final game could have...and they kept the camera in just the right spot in the normal Polyphony kind of way (hint at it, but never just come out and say anything)...

this brings huge amount of licensing issues towards the game...which is huge amounts of matter what anyone says; GT is THE racing has more support, more of a fanbase, and more attention and power in the automotive industry than pretty much every other racer combined (don't listen to this recent Forza BS, its nothing compared to GT in the industry sense)...because of the insane detail GT5 has, it will take them nearly forever to get all the paper work finished in order for car companies to allow them to release a game that shows what happens when an Enzo hits a wall at 200mph...its NOT what happens in Forza 2, and not what will happen in forza 3...its a yard sale of car parts that no manufacturer is eager to illustrate...that is EXACTLY what Polyphony said, that they will not do it until they have permission to do it as realistic as possible...and if damage really is in it like it appears, thats even more time for this game to be finished...

add the fact that Polyphony doesn't release anything until its perfect for the most part (localization issues with GT2 being excluded of course, still have the version that says my ride height is 100cm instead of mm, etc.)...and there is no way it releases this year...

plus polyphony and Sony are interested in this game selling as much as possible...the current state of the PS3, as in price of the not very conducive of that...when the game releases, they both want the game to be able to be purchased by nearly everyone...a $400 Ps3 price point doesn't allow that...manfucturing costs for the PS3 are coming down exponentially with the increasing popularity of late 2010, the PS3 could be starting around $250 with little overhead for Sony compared to what there is now...and you drop a titan like GT5 into the mix...console war is over...

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aftrdark213417d ago

Sounds interesting. I know a lot of GT fans are happy about this.

SprSynJn3417d ago

...proving that it is NOT coming. One of the managers for Home shot down this earlier today on the official Playstation forums. Here is the link:

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