Grand Turismo 5 Collision Damage Plus Features

SONY and Polyphony Digital showed Grand Turismo 5 at the E3 2009 SONY Press Conference and it looked amazing.

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GRRRRRRRRRRRATE!! kellogs cornflakes...Oh! I mean GT5 lol.

40cal3424d ago

My PS3 and steering wheel are ready and waiting.

50CALheadshot3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

these are great news and 40cal just reminded me i need to buy a new wheel

the g25 i think its called

No FanS Land3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

the problem with the G25 is thta even though it's PC and PS3 compatible, it's still 200$...

EDIT: agreed you can arrange the shifter to have a 5 speed gearbox of sequential gearbox and you have a clutch pedal.

50CALheadshot3423d ago


* Dual-motor force feedback transmission: Experience quiet, powerful force feedback effects. You'll feel every bump, bank, and curb, recreated with remarkable fidelity.
* Six-speed stick shift: Quickly select between six forward gears and a push-down reverse gear. Or switch to sequential shifting mode.
* 900 degree wheel rotation: Turns 2 ½ times, lock-to-lock, to accurately replicate real steering dynamics.
* Metal gas, brake, and clutch pedals: Control your car intuitively with sturdy, true-to-life pedals.
* Two paddle shifters: Keep both hands on the wheel while changing gears.
* 12 programmable buttons plus D-pad: Easily map game functions to your preference with the powerful software."


* Hand-Stitched Leather: The 11-inch wheel is wrapped in real leather to help keep your hands comfortable during long racing sessions."

my main problem is im a sucker for high quality, LOL.

GamerPS3603423d ago

people are moron if they brought G25 wheel for this game when natal is right around the corner. who needs to hold steering when you can hold air. /just kidding.

I own one too :). Brought it when GT5P came out.

Theonik3423d ago

I have the G25 for 2 years now, you should definitely get it. The only problem with it is that on ps3 GT5p is the only game that utilizes it's full potential and of course the huge mess of wires it creates(1 for pedals,1 for power,1 for the shifter and 1 usb).

table3423d ago

cornflakes? I thought it was Frosties. Unless you were talking about how you like to 'grate' your cornflakes...

shawnsl653423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

i'm waiting for Polyphony to come out with a Limited Edition GT5 racing chair before buying any other racing simulators. Rumble + chair movement is going to be a must have for this game.

Something along the line..


My dream GT would have.
1: drift rallies
2: nascar
3: 1/4 mile race
4: Death Race mode with GT's graphic
5: other normal GT modes.

TradingWarStories3423d ago

But how long will this take?

I want GT5 Now! :(

And Shawn, that must cost a lot for the rumble chair stuff.

gaffyh3423d ago

It's Gran Turismo damnit, not Grand. At least he didn't title it Grand Tourismo, that's even more retarded

likedamaster3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

"I just had to register to tell you that your site is everything that is wrong with “gaming journalism”. First and foremost, whoever wrote this article is utterly inept with the English language, not exactly something that anyone looks for in a site, period.

Secondly, and even more importantly, you wrote up a news article based on a 2 minute trailer that anyone could extrapolate information from. You don’t have some inside information about GT5, you just watched the trailer and then wrote up an article about it. From that trailer, you drew conclusions, that aren’t even necessarily true, in particular the issue of customization. Obviously GT5 will have it, but anything you say about it is utterly made up, since nothing was even shown in the trailer about it.

I wish there was a regulatory agency for blogs like this, because I’d have an investigative team on here before you can say “Yamauchi”." -commenter on site

My comment: Disappointed that all they showed was a trailer instead of actual gameplay. This article is pure hype and very misleading.

To GT fans: Happy sim driving... in 2012?

mfwahwah3423d ago


People can post whatever they want on the internet. Nobody cares about what you had to say but you said it anyway right? And 2012? Come on buddy. Learn to troll.

Sarcasm3423d ago


No, that's when Forza 6 comes out. Just so they can say , "HAHAHA! Forza 6 is the definitive racer this generation! We even beat GT5 by releasing a 6 in our title! Can any other racing company do that?" "Forza 6 will be releasing on Xbox360 with 10 discs. Please note that you only need disc 1 to play the main game, while the other 9 discs are installed onto your HDD."

sloth4urluv3423d ago

That site is a joke, but im really excited for this game. I dont understand all the hate on both sides, I also cant wait until forza 3 comes out. I dont understand why GT fans feel the need to put down Forza (same goes for forza fans). The success of one game isnt going to make the other game any less great.

Could care less for NASCAR though (snore), I much prefer a track with turns...

40cal3423d ago

GT5 better have the new Lexus ISC, I want to drive that bad boy.

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arsenal553423d ago

"Grand Turismo"

nice going

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MA3LK3423d ago

I don't buy the s**t this website is saying at all. Where a the freakin sources. First the Home space and now real websites to purchase custom car parts for GT5. This site is full of s**t.

PotNoodle3423d ago

I'm guessing they got it from Hiphopgamer.. he was talking about it on his last show.

rockleex3423d ago

What HHG said in his show!

First it was the GT5 Home Space, and now this article.

Can't believe this website actually took what HHG said WORD FOR WORD and posted it as their own without giving credits to him... even though this is just rumor from HHG.


spandexxking3423d ago

not to mention they call it GRAND Turismo-_-

rockleex3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )


Syronicus3423d ago

Some journalists really should research the games before making complete fools of themselves. GRAN Turismo for pete sakes.

Buttons3423d ago

"Can't believe this website actually took what HHG said WORD FOR WORD and posted it as their own without giving credits to him..."

I can't believe they even listen to his show.

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No FanS Land3423d ago

tired of holding the clutch, I wanna lift it and floor the gas pedal!