Bonus Round: Episode 305 - E3 Special - Part 3: Post E3 Microsoft

E3 has already come and gone, but the industry is still quaking from the all the bombshells dropped by the "Big 3." Bonus Round's experts talk about the biggest announcements E3 has had to offer and also grade Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft's performances at this year's show. Will Project Natal change the console experience forever? What is it doing differently than the Wii? How will Sony's second half of the year pan out? And, did Nintendo finally appease the hard core gamer?

Michael Pachter: Analyst / Wedbush Morgan Securities
Dan Hsu: Co-founder, Editor /

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Rockstar3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Sony showed more/better content.
Microsoft was more exciting to watch
Nintendo...was Nintendo (couple of okay games)

As a borderline fanboy in that in any console generation I'll always have a Sony console before any other console, I love Sony's consoles but I don't hate any of them....(usually Sony followed by Ninty followed by MS) I would have to agree...MS won the E3 battle as far as the show they put on.

Sony = Content win
MS = Show win

PLAYWATCH3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

So now, there are things like presentation that are more important than Content such as Games? Unbelievable

It almost looks like it pains them to say Sony had more content and a better game line-up, especially the exclusive line-up, by emphasizing "slightly better". What's up with that. I mean comon, seriously? really? just only slightly better? like only 1 or 2 more titles better? Yea ok, my friends and I might believe this nonsense if we were all retarded and couldn't count the titles ourselves.

I believe Microsoft had better perception control with their great presentation but they, as journalists, have to see through all that noise and see the show for what it really is, not for what they'd like you to see it as.

This is supposed to be a Game Conference. Games and game related contents are the only stuff that should really matter. The rest is all for show.