The Wii Workout machine: more unique exer-gaming for Wii

Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft and SEGA are planning to get you in shape, each in their own ways. If there is one place the Wii is going where other current generation systems aren't, it's fitness gaming. E3 2009 showed even more fitness games are in development by third parties besides Nintendo. See details on some of the games announced, with workout equipment varying from the Wii Balance Board, resistance bands, camera and fitness gear. Nintendo also introduced the Wii Vitality Sensor, something that could possibly further the Wii fitness gaming experience.

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fllysurfer3418d ago

this is patetic... what a granny rip-off

LJWooly3418d ago

Great. Another piece of crap that's eventually gonna find it's way into my home, being played on my telly. No, not me buying it.


1Victor3418d ago

this is for the ps3 trophies hhoress that also own a Wii , now they can have a workout and the trophy to show on their miis trophies channel . LOL

R3D3418d ago

their announcing games for the Natal already?