GameSpy E3 2009: God of War 3 Hands-on

GameSpy writes: "When you've got a formula that works as well as God of War does, it means that you can create a game with only subtle changes and release it to acclaim. God of War III looks a helluva lot like its predecessors -- ridiculously gory, filled with crazy monsters, lots of absurd weapon combos, and set in a mythological Greek setting -- but the updated visuals and new story are enough to satiate fans of the franchise. Once again following the story of Kratos, God of War III picks up right where the second one ended, and pits you and the Titans of Greek lore against the gods of Olympus."

+It's a next-gen God of War with all the fixings that made you love the original.

-I didn't find anything that bothered me, but I doubt people who didn't like the older games will like this one

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