Primotech at E3 09: Brink Eyes-On Preview

The earth of 2035 is a grim place to the developers at Splash Damage. Global warming has lead to rapidly rising sea levels, leaving continents underwater. The surviving humans inhabit a giant city adrift at sea known as "the Ark." Designed to be a utopia for all men, a "last refuge of humanity," the Ark is now a warzone between violent factions. Once great edifices stand in ruin. Entire neighborhoods have turned into battlegrounds. Pandemonium fills the streets. It's an entire society that's been pushed to the Brink.

Splash Damage CEO and Brink game director Paul Wedgwood provided Primotech with an early look at his studio's hugely-ambitious new project at E3.

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360DownINflames3515d ago

Didnt mention but looks like its the UT engine

Another shooter to get lost in the sea of shooters.