Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer Beta Impressions (Negative Gamer)

Mark "junglistgamer" writes;

"Overall, the only notable aspect of the beta is the aforementioned co-op. It adds enough to the experience to be a worthwhile inclusion and I look forward to experiencing it in full. The competitive modes feel tacked-on and I can only hope that this means Naughty Dog spent most of their time on the campaign."

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BulletToothtony3887d ago

cause then i know they're full of crap and just looking for attention.

The beta it's great.. very well done.. took me away from killzone2 for a few days and that says A LOT.. something that no other game has done.. not even cod4..

It's so clear when a site is just looking for hits.. oh well..

There's a reason why everyone at E3 loved the game..

chaosatom3887d ago

I am downloading the beta right now! thanks, playstation lifestyle.

Hiruma Youchi3887d ago

Dude's Site is Called


what did you expected?

Jinxstar3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I jumped in the beta for a few minutes the other day. I dunno but I feel there is just something about it that I don't really like. The game looks jaw droppingly good but the MP feels tacked on to me. I can't see myself ever getting into it. I kinda wish they had just kept people working on the SP and used more resources for that and not MP. It may turn out to be above average or even good with the final build but... Just like I feel Bionic Commando, Bioshock 2, Dark Sector, Red Faction, Resident Evil 5 and many others they should have just stuck with SP(And in some of the cases they might have ended up with a more fun SP campaign and maybe I would have bought the game). I know a lot of studios feel shoehorned into making MP and thats what it becomes "Shoehorned".

Now Co-op seems cool. Excited for that though =D and I can't wait for this game in general. Like I said though I just feel the MP wont be able to stand up against games like MW2 or KZ2. I am a huge PS3 fan and I look at a game like inFamous(Almost platinum =D) and am glad they didn't use valuable resources to make some kind of MP experience. Not saying that for a sequel some kind of Co-op wouldn't work but yeah. Some games just don't need it and I just can't see the added value in it for Drakes... I will play and love the SP game but will probably play a grand total of 3 hours of the MP before never returning to it...

Tarasque3887d ago

Well i also am not caring for the multiplayer, seems as though they just threw it together just to have something. And i have tried like 10 times in the last 2 days to play co-op but there is no one else playing, and that is not a good sign either.

LazyDevs3887d ago

I tell you what Sony needs to stop letting there exclusive games give out beta and demos. Cause i have not bought 4 exclusives cause of this. I am sure the SP will be great for Uncharted 2. But i am very and i mean very disappointed in the multiplayer.

thereapersson3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

So would you rather have there not be a demo or beta, and you end up buying the finished product and figure out that it sucks or that you don't like it? I would say having a demo is a better scenario...

Rainstorm813887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Do not let anyone influence your opinion of the beta until you have played it. Especially someone called the negative Gamer.

Im in the beta and i have been playing since June 2nd, I must say it is great if you like third person shooters. Tacked on? I think not.
If its "tacked on" why does the beta play better than most full release games at launch. (yes Gears 2 and SOCOM im talking to you)

It is very addictive and tons of fun, but everything isnt for everybody, a friend of mine hates the beta but he only likes FPS games.

If you combine SP with MP you get this years GotY. Play me if you have the beta.

PSN - Rainstorm81 - lvl 21 in Uncharted 2 beta

EDIT: I must add the game is also very balanced, no one will run a get 1 weapon and then dominate the match. Its very much your skill vs others skills. no cheap tactics and camping seldom works. If you liked Drakes Fortune (gameplay) then you wont have a problem with U2 multiplayer. Sorry to rant just a great game and THE best third person shooter with a cover system I have played online. and it only a BETA! Fall cant come soon enough.

SaberEdge3887d ago

I own both consoles and although some here might know I prefer my 360, I call things as I see them. And I think the beta of the multiplayer mode in Uncharted 2 is actually very good. I have a blast with it and don't see any significant problems. Besides, we all know Uncharted is always going to be first and foremost about awesome story telling and a roller coaster ride of a single player campaign. Anything else is just a bonus.

3887d ago
Rainstorm813887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

your an idiot.

Edit @ below: You are welcome i know you desperate fanboys need attention, so i thought id help make you feel relevant.

Edit2 @ below : Actually as a PS3 owner i get riled up when false things are said like -

"Gears 2 has a WAY better cover system and shooting mechanic. Unfarted Poo is kinda like Gears 2 combined with Tomb Raider but during the fusion it was degraded to the quality of a 3rd party Wii game."

can you shoot while running on gears??? how would you know you havent played gears 2 uncharted 1 or 2 beta you are lame excuse of a gamer or fanboy

PS3 FanBaby3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Nice rant LOL! You made my day, thank you :) What I said made you sooo mad that you wrote a huge paragraph bashing me LOL!

*Edit: I see you edited your post to remove your vicious, offensive rant. I guess you were afraid you'd get banned, it was pretty cruel after all. I wasn't aware that my opinion could make someone so furious and mean. Your updated comment "your an idiot" is a lot less ruthless than the slurs your original comment threw at me. You're really starting to make a fool out of yourself LOL! This is too funny. BTW I'll be more than happy to take away a few of your bubbles :)

@ below: I don't need to try hard to get delusional, psychotic, brainwashed fanboys riled up. It's pretty easy; just state actual facts and they go insane.

@ stewgart: I'm not crying. I state solid facts and Sony fans start crying. I have sympathy though since they don't have any games to play so they just browse N4G all day :'(

poopsack3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

you're a sad person/man/thing, try way to hard, and if that made ur day i guess u have no point left to exist (i did read the rant). I guess ur avatar can get to people, but ur intentions of cleverness fall right on their face.

Edit: Well first of all ur opinion on a game u havent tried isnt a fact, so no, and second: I mean u try to hard with the names, calling Uncharted 2 Unfarted Poo cause it rhymes, i think we're all passed 4th grade here, unless ur Chad Warden who just jumped ship to 360.

table3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

what is with all the xbox cry babies in this article so desperate to see this game fail. Could they be anymore pathetic.

Edit @ crybaby: it sounds like to me you are crying out for attention with those ridiculous statements. There are some very sad people on the website...

@ultimolu: yeah, I think Mooks has a disagree vendetta against me.

ultimolu3887d ago

And just look at the random disagrees. Multiple accounts and bashing too?

Tsk, tsk.

Anyway, the demo was awesome to me. Had a lot of fun especially. People fail to realize it's just the beta and is probably an early one.

The haters keep hatin'...*hums*

callahan093887d ago

What the hell is this guy talking about? What a horrible set of "impressions." He's complaining because it has a deathmatch and capture the flag? Yeah, all online games have them, and guess what: if they didn't, people would be wondering WHERE THE HELL ARE THE STANDARD MATCH TYPES? He's complaining because it has a perks system and a leveling-up system? Yeah, OK, whatever. They've only become the standard in online gaming, I'm not sure what's to complain about there. Would he have complained about something else if they weren't there? Most likely he'd have complained "HEY! Where's the perks and experience system? This game isn't caught up with the times." And his complaints about how the gatling gun impairs your movements and takes a second to spin up are just ridiculous. What does he expect from it? Would he rather the weapon wasn't there at all, and if so... why? What benefit could you perceive this game getting by having one fewer weapon option? Why is there always so much criticism of the online multiplayer in PS3 exclusive games? Earlier this year it was Killzone 2, and now Uncharted 2? In what ways could they have possibly revolutionized it? I am in the beta and it's really fun: the controls, weapons, and maps are all solid and I'm having fun with it. I'm not sure what else to say beyond that.

Acidicpack3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I have not yet played the MP beta due to not having bothered to per-order Infamous. Which was so very stupid of me and I ended up bying it anyway. Great game by the way go and buy it!!!

After watching all the demos shown at E3 this year There where so many great looking games. Mass Effect 2 looked great, Assassins Creed 2 made me go WTF more than once. But the Demo of Uncharted 2 in my opinion stole the show. If Naughty Dog puts as much love into the MP as they look to have done with the SP I don't think that any of us shall be disappointed at all =)

3887d ago
raztad3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )


I love N4G, and I mean it. It's always a good fun to read comments here LOL

I was a bit surprised by the "lack" of hate against UC2. Well, the game is jaw dropping and looks MUCH beter than anything on the other box, so x-dieharders had nothing to complain about.

Now, we got a multiplayer BETA, which is awesome. Very accesible, the action feels good, very very fun and exciting, vertical fighting WORKS, cover WORKS, transversal shooting WORKS. Yesterday I had a blast going through the coop, OMG, it was amazing. If the multiplayer is an indication of the game quality, UC2 is DAY.FVCKING.ONE.WITH.PREORDER. BUY.FOR.ME

I dont care about the opinion of this Negative Gamer (not hitting it) dont let this site influence you, btw UC always has been/will be a mostly SP experience but the MP definitly feels like UC, isnt tacked on.

Tito Jackson3887d ago

The 'story mode' will be better. If I want multiplayer games to play online, I have other, better games i can play, so this is just a minor imperfection. :)

aksmashh3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I think its big risk because sony have only given us killzone,littlebigp & uncharted 1 which are only the best in there genre when they come out

Also with making 250+ player games, amazing graphics, lag free play this is normal day at sony office. The only other companys i would trust is Infinty Ward & maybe EA with online play. The rest of you get notebooks out.

wardrox3887d ago

@raztad nail on the head.I'm from NG and I totally agree the game is worth checking out. It's important to get a balance of opinions. If you just read that everything ever was awesome all the time, it would be useless.This impressions post aims to _compliment_ other impressions posts.

You find what you're going to like about the game from other sites, you find what might annoy you on NG. Though of course you may not agree.

I think some people around here should try listening to other opinions now and again. get a balanced outlook.

Information Minister3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

For once you are right on the money - Uncharted 2 is first and foremost a single player experience, everything else is bonus material. And if that bonus material is a solid multiplayer, better yet.

I don't really know why you are getting so many disagrees, but I suspect it has something to do with your previous comments (you should keep them this level-headed).

BattleAxe3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I haven't even tried the co-op part of the beta yet, but I'm lovin the competitive.

I was saying to my friends that I think that Naughty Dog should make the next Socom with the Naughty Dog 2.0 engine.

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Raoh3887d ago

LOL the game is great..

you can stop reading or just avoid reading when you come to the part when he says he was frustrated that he couldn't “Roadie-Run”

Rainstorm813887d ago

Isnt that the run from gears?

Bathyj3887d ago

This is Uncharted, why would you want to do a poorly animated run cycle.

mastiffchild3886d ago

I don't even use the roadie run in Gears if I'm honest and can't ever imagine missing it(outside of where you're forced to use it like inside the worms gut etc)-unless they make the steering much better.

UC2 mp beta is amazing imo. Best online beta I've been in since KZ2 and I donm't find it ay all tacked on and I say this as a primarily SP gamer. For online games of the past year I'd say it's as enjoyable as L4D and KZ2(doesn't have the stat tracking/badge earning stuff but it's a different kind of thing)and doesn't feel at all tacked on. The games gorgeous, it's easy to control and the modes have some good twists.

Nothing to hate on and if Bioshock2 does as well with it's mp I'll be simply elated as Uncharted and Bioshock were the two games that it pleased me most to find hadn't got a mp mode last time out.

Kinetix3887d ago

I haven't played Co-Op yet but deathmatch was very fun, although it doesn't seem to strategic but that doesn't matter, day one for me.

xabmol3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

TDM without a good "T" is just "DM" (>.0)

The co-op is really fun, and every time that gunner jumps over the wall I'm like, "Nooooo!!" Because I know that's the end. =[

Baba19063887d ago

its not like the multiplayer is the main attraction of the game. the import thing is the campaign and we all know that it will rule. the first one was awesome and had no multiplyer.

Ju3886d ago

That shouldn't justify a rant against the MP, IMO. What if a game can have an awesome campaign and multiplayer ? Why isn't that possible. Especially when the visuals are not downgraded from the SP (which obviously doesn't matter any more, huh ?).